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Recapping the Past Year in Blogs

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Our blog has been a great way to “talk” to our customers about what’s going on in the industry and with our company in general. We have been able to go into more depth regarding projects we are proud of and services we offer.

Over the past year we have shown you a sample of some of our recent industrial projects, our involvement with generator installation and energy, the importance of safety awareness, energy conservation, and working with the aerospace industry. This is really just a sampling of our capabilities. Customers can rely on Base Construction for many types of projects since we employ high-quality craftsmen in all construction disciplines.

Our capabilities are so varied that clients are often unaware of all the things we can do. In this past year we have completed many different kinds of projects within industrial plants that highlight our wide-ranging capabilities. Base Construction has taken on:

  • Remodeling: Even in industrial plants office areas and restrooms need updating at some time. Restrooms, for example, are key areas that must be in good working order and up to standards and regulations. Because this ‘industrial remodeling’ is more common than you might think, we have a crew dedicated to handling bathroom remodeling and restroom construction, as well as office construction experience, for industrial facilities.
  • Underground repair work: Our capabilities run deep, as is the case when pipes need repair. We were called in to find and repair a water line that was leaking at an aerospace facility. The leak was difficult to find but we went to great lengths to fix the problem.
  • Temporary heating/cooling systems: The heat wave this summer left many Southern Californian companies struggling. In one instance we had to add a temporary cooling tower to regulate temperatures within the facility. We took on the engineering and the calculations and completed the job in 2 days. In another case we engineered a hood to remove excessive heat from around a customer’s oven/furnaces so that the employees could work in a more comfortable environment.

The goal for all of us at Base Construction is to exceed the needs of our customers. Because we are willing to go outside of our comfort zone, our abilities extend far beyond what we list as general capabilities. And, we are continuing to expand as we add more mechanical, structural, and chemical engineering staff to expand our efforts even further.

This past year kept us challenged in the broad scope of the projects we took on. We look forward to continuing to expand our experiences in 2016 to improve the industrial manufacturing sector project by project.

As a contractor in all areas of construction contact us to learn how Base Construction can help on your next project.

Happy holidays from the Base Construction crew!

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