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In today’s global industrial environment, staying competitive is a top priority. No matter what industry you are in, there are many ways to have an edge against the competition. New technologies and innovation are leading strategies to improving business processes to save money, time, and resources.

Installing energy efficient processes and systems offer an edge in reducing the amount of expendable energy while aiding in reducing use of natural resources. One of the most sensible systems to consider is a condensation return system. These systems are a best method for treating and reusing water to extract the most energy possible from this resource.

What is a condensation return system and how does it work? Condensate is the by-product of steam when it transfers its energy into heat. Being able to reuse this condensate is an effective method to improve a plant’s efficiencies. For boilers used in power generation this condensation can be reclaimed so that less additional “new” or makeup water is required to run the system and create steam. This, in turn, saves fuel, reduces chemicals and treatment costs, and lowers sewer disposal costs.


Although reusing water seems like an easy and simple process, there are factors that must be addressed to ensure that the water meets the necessary requirements. Condensate isn’t as pure as the initial water added to the system. Condensate picks up minerals and chemicals as it moves throughout the boiler system. If this water isn’t purified, damage to the process piping and boilers could occur. High-purity condensate provides more energy since the condensate is already hot reducing the amount of energy needed to heat up cold makeup water. It is most beneficial to treat the condensate before it is returned to the boiler.

At Base Construction we are leaders in building effective and efficient condensation return systems. Having worked with a wide range of industrial operations, we have designed and installed full recirculating water and water treatment equipment to improve the operation’s energy efficiency. With this experience and knowledge we improve energy efficiency which saves money and reduces a company’s environmental impact. This expertise enables us to construct accurate piping to meet strict code requirements.

Energy efficient investments such as treating and reusing water for boiler processes provide opportunities for reducing expenses while meeting regulatory guidelines. Smart manufacturing starts with smart and efficient systems.



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