Industrial Process Piping

An industrial wastewater treatment plant is typically employed in densely populated areas to treat wastewater before discharging it into a body of water or the surrounding area. Constructing a wastewater treatment plant requires considerations to meet regulations and minimize the impact on aquatic life and communities. The industrial pretreatment unlike  public wastewater treatment plants does nor require buildings, housing pumps, and treatment equipment, but in much smaller scale the water gets treated before discharge to public sewer, large particles, or balance PH and additing O2 if that may be required.

What Needs To Be Built for an Industrial Pretreatment Wastewater  Plant?

Wastewater treatment plants require a large complex of buildings to house pumps, treatment equipment, control rooms, and amenities for personnel. Wastewater enters the treatment plant and goes through a series of clarifiers, removing solid waste, sludge, and gasses like phosphorus, methane, and carbon dioxide. Industrial wastewater construction teams install specialized equipment like a dewatering centrifuge, high-efficiency gearless turbo blowers, carbon supplement tanks, and step aerators to facilitate plant operations.

The following components are essential to a wastewater treatment plant:

  • Meet the requirements before discharging: This could be treatment of waste water by balancing the PH, or removing large particles, balancing oxygen, PPM of different chemical may have to be reduced or removed, and no hazardous material

What Should You Consider When Designing an Industrial Pretreatment Wastewater Plant?

When designing an industrial pretreatment wastewater plant, unlike public Wastewater treatment plants there is not one solution and design for all the process. All the problems have to be studied and analyzed accordingly.

Industrial pretreatment of wastewater Plant Construction from Base Construction

Base Construction has been delivering many industrial pretreatment of industrial wastewater construction services since 1998 with more than 5,000 successful combined projects. We offer our general engineering and general building industrial construction experience on all aspects of industrial pretreatment of wastewater, including process piping, construction of electrical control systems, design, mechanical equipment installation, and various secondary services.

At Base Construction, our priority is quality and safety. We abide by OSHA and CAL-OSHA guidelines. Our team has also assisted clients in implementing programs, such as Process Safety Management and Job Safety Assessment. To speak with a specialist about your wastewater treatment plant needs, request a quote today.