Office Construction/Renovation | Building an ADA Compliant Office

Base Construction makes a commitment to every client we work with through the office construction or renovation space in all type of industrial plants.

Here at Base Construction Inc., we insist on adherence to the strictest values and regulations possible once a project is underway. Our designers and experienced team work aggressively to ensure that your office is not only a productive workspace but a safe and accessible one. We are specialized in making every square feet count.

Corporate Office Construction and Renovation

There are several factors that require consideration prior to a successful office renovation. Taking the time to plan thoroughly before beginning renovation efforts helps increase the chances of a positive building experience and increase productivity of people who work there. Factors that may drive a renovation include:

  • Potential scheduling issues
  • Budget
  • Quality expectations
  • Meeting the latest building codes
  • Modernization
  • Increase productivity
Corporate Office

Following the planning stages of a project, an organization needs to pinpoint and group together an effective, dedicated, and knowledgeable team to complete the renovation work. General contractors should be qualified and reputable. Potential contractors should be able to provide a quality portfolio and references that speak to their ability to meet your needs.

At Base Construction, we have completed many office renovation projects for a wide variety of clients across myriad industries. We have the experience necessary to meet the demands of even the most complex projects—on time and on budget.

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ADA-Compliant Offices

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets standards for builders and other members of the community that people with any level of disability have access to the businesses and services that you offer. We take special care to ensure facilities can be utilized to their fullest potential. Key accessibility features such as state-of-the-art lifts and ramps are integrated into construction to ensure ADA compliance.

Having an ADA-compliant office offers a number of benefits, such as:

ADA-Compliant Offices
  • Compliance with federal and state legal requirements
  • Easy access for all customers and employees
  • Easier adjustment to zoning law changes
  • Preparedness for future expansion
  • Federal and state tax credits for ADA-related improvements
  • Projecting a socially responsible brand image

ADA regulations should be evaluated thoroughly prior to renovation of your office space. Many states have additional ADA requirements as well. For example, in California, any disabled person can file a lawsuit and receive at least $4,000 plus attorney’s fees if they encounter a public building or business that is not ADA accessible. As such, updating facilities for ADA compliance is not only a socially responsible decision—but a sound financial one as well.

Consider the following as you plan your project:

  • Widening doorframes for wheelchair access
  • Adjusting water fountain heights
  • Swapping out problematic flooring
  • Installing curb cuts and ramps
  • Adding railings where appropriate
  • Incorporating accessible restrooms
ADA-Compliant Offices

Since 1998, Base Construction has been an integral component of more than 70 office construction projects. As such, we’re well-equipped to ensure that your office is ADA-compliant. We employ experienced high-quality craftsmen from every discipline and demonstrate a thorough commitment to safety and quality in every project.

Our team will be happy to help you formulate a plan for an ADA-compliant office or other business. For more information about Base Construction and how our capabilities can ensure success for your build or renovation, please contact us or request a quote.