Base Construction Safety & Standards

Base Construction, Inc.’s safety philosophy indicates that a job is only well done when it is done safely, without accidents and near misses. We have unmatched safety records. We believe that every accident occurs due to human errors. Human errors are caused by rushing, stress, unsafe work condition, and poor quality of workmanship.

Base Construction, Inc. has developed a comprehensive Injury and Illness Prevention Program, IIPP, which is updated on a regular basis. In addition to weekly and monthly safety meetings for employees, we require daily safety meetings on all shut-downs, and long shift projects.

Safety with quality is our philosophy!

We believe when a project is safe, the quality and successful on time completion comes next. Base Construction, Inc. follows Occupational Safety and Health Compliance OSHA, CAL-OSHA, Client Specific Safety program as well as its own internal safety program. Base Construction, Inc. has assisted clients in performing Process Safety Management (PSM) as well as Job Safety Assessment (JSA) Programs.

Safety incentives and program awards have always been part of our safety programs; all of our employees receive incentives according to their performances on the job.

View our Quality Assurance and Quality Control Manual (PDF – 83KB)

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