Structural Steel Fabrication and InstallationBase Construction, Inc. is an industrial construction service company licensed in California, doing business in and around Irvine since 1998. We have completed over 5,000 construction projects, ranging from designing and building a cooling system for a power plant in Rancho Santa Margarita to upgrading the structural components of a cooling tower in La Mirada.

Some of the varied project environments we have worked in include manufacturing plants, aerospace facilities, vacuum furnaces, telecommunications emergency generators, and many more.

What We Do

Base Construction, Inc. offers a myriad of construction services focusing on process piping system design and installation. Other areas of expertise include:

Concrete Foundation and Slab

Industrial facilities usually house heavy machinery, which demands a durable concrete foundation to avoid warping and cracks. Our services include:

  • Design and calculation
  • Structural specifications for modifications and new construction
  • Complex forming
  • Localized repairs
  • Slab and footing of non-residential areas

Base Construction, Inc. offers standard and customized concrete foundations to handle the unique demands of heavy equipment, pumps, tanks, and cooling towers.

Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation

Structural steel is an invaluable resource for industrial construction projects, improving the longevity of a structure. We can design various structural steel infrastructure elements to meet your business needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Ladders
  • Catwalks
  • Support structures
  • Machine guarding
  • Permanent and portable platforms

Office Construction & Renovation

Base Construction, Inc. has spent two decades working with customers to design safe, accessible office spaces. We are knowledgeable in ADA regulations and offer cost-effective renovation projects that comply with local building ordinances. All of the workspaces we build are for use within an industrial space and not for residential use.

Restroom Renovation – ADA Compliant

Restrooms must meet specific guidelines to be ADA compliant. As a single-source provider, we work with our customers to design aesthetically pleasing facilities that meet all local ordinances and ADA regulations.

Other Services We Provide

  • Industrial construction of electrical control systems
  • IMP walls and rooms
  • Turnkey projects
  • Secondary services such as concrete epoxy coating, stormwater control, insulation, asphalt, and painting
  • Mechanical equipment installation
  • Heavy lift planning and performance
  • Industrial safeguard and custom handrail fabrication and installation
  • Welding

Markets We Serve

Our focus is on construction services at industrial plants throughout the state, including but not limited to:

  • Aerospace Facilities
  • Automobile Manufacturing Plants
  • Chemical Distribution Plants
  • Co-Generation Power Plants
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry
  • Plastic Molding Plants
  • Recycling Plants
  • Distribution & Processing

Industrial construction involves large-scale projects typically involving manufacturing facilities and factories, as opposed to commercial businesses or residential properties.

Our Process

Unlike conventional plumbing systems that transport water and wastewater, process piping systems are an efficient method of moving liquids, gases, and other raw materials in industrial and manufacturing applications.

For optimal performance, facilities must determine the proper installation, maintenance, and piping materials required for efficient system operation. With more than 90 years of combined experience, Base Construction, Inc. can help you design a system that adheres to all state and federal regulations while providing a cost-effective and manageable solution.

There are several considerations when determining the best method for efficiently and safely transporting raw materials. When developing a process piping system, the following steps are typically involved:

  1. Pipe routing design and implementation: Designed to route materials to desired locations using the proper combination of pipes, fittings, and other components.
  2. Pipe design support and installation: Our years of expertise in the industrial construction area allow us to provide installation services and design support for all your process piping system needs.
  3. Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) development and implementation: We can map the different components and piping in your existing system using P&ID maps to determine the flow process. This gives us detailed information and a graphic representation of the schematics within your system.
  4. Pipe material selection: We select the piping style to be used based on the specific materials they will be transporting since each pipe material interacts with raw materials differently. For example, ammonia or saltwater is corrosive and demands process piping with corrosion-resistant properties such as plastics or non-ferrous metals.
  5. Manual and control valve selection: To regulate flow and pressure, we carefully select all manual valves and control valves, which are crucial components of a process piping system.
  6. Pipe installation: We have vast experience with pipe installation projects, ensuring optimal effectiveness in our capabilities and efficiency.
  7. Pipe testing: All piping undergoes rigorous functionality and safety tests to ensure optimal performance.
  8. Pipe painting and labeling: It is imperative to label and paint all piping throughout the system so that everyone can differentiate the pipes for safe handling and proper operation.
  9. Pipe insulation and heat tracing: Insulation or heat tracing methods may be required to ensure the piping and its contents maintain the desired temperature of the specified application.

What Is The Best Material For a Process Piping System?

When determining the best material for your process piping system, we carefully look at the demands of the application and consider the following factors:

  • The ability of the pipe to withstand the gas or fluid it is transporting
  • Temperature requirements
  • Pressure demands
  • Corrosion resistance requirements

What Are The Most Common Materials Used in a Process Piping System?

The most common materials we use for process piping systems include:

  • Plastic: A good choice for applications that require corrosion and temperature resistance. We utilize PVC, ABS, polypropylene, and polyethylene materials for all our plastic process piping.
  • Concrete: A high-strength piping material reinforced with layers that require frequent routine maintenance to avoid buildup.
  • Non-ferrous Metals: Ideal for applications that demand high-pressure tolerance and corrosion resistance. Examples include copper, aluminum, and brass.
  • Steel or Steel Alloys: Beneficial for transporting highly pressurized raw materials due to the material’s thickness and ability to withstand high pressures.
  • Cast Iron: Suitable for underground piping systems with long-lasting, corrosion-resistant properties.
  • Lined Pipe: An economical option for fluid handling systems, offering high resistance to corrosion and temperatures.

Base Construction, Inc. provides all of the above-listed services, ensuring the best process piping system available for your facilities.

Our Safety Standards

Base Construction, Inc. makes safety a priority! We do our best to prevent accidents or near misses by ensuring every job is performed safely and correctly. Our unsurpassed safety records speak for themselves.

Our team does everything possible to eliminate human error caused by stress, poor quality performance, and unsafe work conditions while avoiding unnecessary risks. Our experienced team of workers, contractors, and design engineers understand that safety regulation adherence is mandatory at Base Construction, Inc.

Our unsurpassed quality and successful on-time completion of jobs reflect our safe work environment. We follow Occupational Safety and Health Compliance (OSHA) and the CAL-OSHA Client-Specific internal safety program. We have also assisted clients in performing Job Safety Assessment (JSA) and Process Safety Management (PSM) programs.

At Base Construction, Inc., we consistently maintain high levels of safety and are committed to an accident-free work environment. Our comprehensive Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is regularly updated, providing our workers with a complete array of safety awards and incentives.

Choose Base Construction for Reliable, Safe Service

Base Construction, Inc. has extensive experience in process piping, enabling our experienced team of engineers, designers, and technicians to identify your company’s industrial process piping system needs.

Since 1998, we have completed thousands of industrial construction projects in California and have “A” General Engineering, “B” General Building, and C-36 classifications. We strictly adhere to all local, state, and federal guidelines to ensure your project is built to code.

We adhere to all safety standards and offer services such as labeling, testing, painting, and proper material selection to ensure a system that has longevity and performs as promised. As a one-stop shop, we work with our customers in all stages of the industrial construction project, including design, fabrication, and installation. Familiar with a broad range of industries, we can readily adapt to the specific demands of each project.

Contact us at (949) 387-3471, visit our website to learn more about our capabilities, or request a quote online to get started today. We look forward to providing you with invaluable solutions for all your industrial applications.