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Base Construction Offers Generator Installation Services and More to Industrial Facilities and Co-Gen Operations in Southern California

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Industries of all types rely on energy to power their operations: Food and beverage, aerospace, waste-water treatment, recycling, the energy operations themselves – the list goes on and on. But, times are changing, and changing very rapidly for the energy industry. New EPA requirements need to be up to date by the year

2020. This deadline for compliance with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will dramatically transform the energy landscape in the U.S.

“Clean power” plays an important role in the manufacturing industries’ efforts to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly; however, these efforts will take some time to plan and construct. One recent news report says, “A vastly changed power generation mix will be the result of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases from existing power plants, but industry and utilities will need more time to build it…” While utilities and industrial plants revise and retrofit their operations to meet EPA requirements, many will be installing generators, and other heavy equipment, onsite, at their facilities.

Base Construction installs generators, industrial equipment, and machinery at all types of industrial plants. This includes the “heavy” industry plants, such as chemical plants, energy plants (co-generation, geothermal and solar), food & beverage, recycling, aerospace, and more. We specialize in handling all phases of industrial projects, including design, fabrication, and installation at industrial plants in Southern California.

Getting back to the specifics, whether it’s heat, steam, or electricity that is powering a plant and keeping production

lines moving, industrial operations rely on generators. Many operations today, in all kinds of industries, are co-gen (cogeneration) plants, where energy that used to be “wasted” and possibly emitted into the atmosphere is now put to good use on site. For instance, this “secondary” energy that is generated is heat or steam that can be used to warm up water or other fluids in a production line. The popularity of co-gen systems is attributed to the overall cost savings and the “environmental friendliness” of these types of operations. The cost savings include government incentives offered to industrial operations with co-gen operations.

We’d be happy to tell you more about the advantages of co-gen operations, and if you’re in Southern California, we can show you the advantages of working with Base Construction to install generators and other industrial equipment at your facilities. Visit our website or give us a call at 949.387.3471.

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