Every manufacturing and processing facility in California requires electrical installation and maintenance completed at the highest possible level. From simple lighting and other basic service calls to elaborate overhauls for State of California code compliance, we have the experience and equipment needed to ensure our clients are at peak operational efficiency in the shortest time possible. At any level of electrical installation or maintenance for commercial and industrial facilities in the entire SoCal region, Base Construction has a solution.

Electrical Services We Offer

By specializing in a wide array of electrical installation and maintenance services, we provide far more than secondary electrical-maintenance functions in commercial settings, providing other unique functions ranging from industrial conveyor automation systems to motor-control design. Our comprehensive machine-control capabilities include new main electrical services (240V—480V), 3Ph distribution gears for varying voltages, and machine modification — all according to our customer’s exact specifications and regulatory needs.

Our industry-leading technicians have extensive expertise in services ranging from design-concept engineering to the end product for an extremely broad range of clients. We provide timely and impeccable electrical installations and maintenance services for chemical plants, medical firms, food-processing plants, electronics facilities, and more. Whether the job requires the installation of new commercial-industrial equipment or a total plant move, we can get your company running at an even higher level than before.

Electrical Maintenance

Our electrical-maintenance services run the gamut from simple-but-necessary tasks to complex issues requiring in-depth investigatory inquiry and troubleshooting. Base Construction’s expert electricians routinely handle the following:

  • Industrial
  • Lighting
  • Electrical repairs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Motor control design
  • New installations
  • PLC design
  • Remodeling
  • Troubleshooting
  • Infrared analysis

Advantages of Proper Preventative Electrical System Maintenance

Proper industrial electrical maintenance will reduce costs and protect equipment by ensuring that small, easily solved issues don’t lead to bigger issues down the line. It also reduces legal liability and will help your company far exceed the minimum standards set by governmental regulatory agencies. Advanced electrical-component engineering has resulted in extremely reliable equipment in recent years, but at the same time, this means the equipment and standards also change more often.

For many reasons, it’s necessary to have your commercial electrical systems looked at periodically to ensure that everything is running properly. Even the finest modern electrical system can lull commercial-industrial owners and operators into a false sense of security — until something unexpected happens. Base Construction specializes in the issues that are most common to Los Angeles and SoCal power grids and facilities. Having an industrial-electrical maintenance professional on-call is essential to keeping your equipment running smoothly and reducing large, expensive repairs over time.

Estimating the Scope and Duration of a Preventative Electrical Maintenance Project

We know our customers require the most accurate estimates possible — in both cost and scope — before we begin. It’s also vital that they have an idea of which equipment will be inoperable and when as we ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum. Many electrical companies will hastily make estimates that exaggerate their capabilities just to land the job. As a result, they take their customer past the point of no return where the deadline is exceeded, but by then, the customer is reliant on them to finish the job.

To rise above the competition, we take great strides in drafting, analyzing, and double-checking each drawing and spec sheet to be certain that we give you the correct time frame from the beginning. Each project is highly customized according to your company’s exact needs, and we work diligently to get you an accurate estimate as soon as possible. Our naturally fast turnaround is the result of our depth of experience and skill with a wide variety of electrical systems in industrial and commercial settings — and we have an unmatched safety record to match.

Why You Should Use Base Construction for Your Commercial and Industrial Lighting Service Needs

Commercial and industrial facility owners can’t afford sub-par electrical work, from both a financial and an operational standpoint. After over 24 years of dedicated service, Base Construction Inc. has completed over 5,000 projects for clients at extremely large and humble scales alike. For your next electrical installation or maintenance project in the SoCal area, give us a call at 949.387.3471 or request a quote today.