Don’t Overlook Potential Problems! Now is the Time for End of Year Repairs

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Even though the temps are cooling down, it’s still hard to accept that winter is right around the corner. The cold temperatures that old man winter blows in are chilling to us, but could be disastrous to mechanical or structural equipment that may have been neglected since last winter. Many business and industrial sites deal […]

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Base Construction is Working Behind the Scenes in SoCal Industrial Plants

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Oil companies, packaging manufacturers, and industrial companies are among the clients Base Construction is currently providing a variety of construction-related services to. Although we cannot reveal our clients, we can tell you that we’ve been behind the scenes in industrial plants to help support the operations of industries of all types. Here is a sampling […]

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Base Construction Offers Generator Installation Services and More to Industrial Facilities and Co-Gen Operations in Southern California

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Industries of all types rely on energy to power their operations: Food and beverage, aerospace, waste-water treatment, recycling, the energy operations themselves – the list goes on and on. But, times are changing, and changing very rapidly for the energy industry. New EPA requirements need to be up to date by the year 2020. This […]

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Large-Scale Industrial Construction Projects in California Need Concrete Foundations and Concrete Slabs

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All indications and reports are showing that California’s commercial and industrial construction activity is continuing to grow, rising to levels the state hasn’t seen in almost 15 years. Earlier this year, one report from research firm CMD cited 10 of the largest upcoming California construction projects, including industrial projects, government buildings, sports and entertainment complexes, medical […]

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As Construction Grows, the Country’s Economy Follows

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Construction is an industry whose impact is wide and far-reaching. Every home and office in which we live and work, every road on which we drive, every time we visit a theater, museum, school, mall, or restaurant, we are actively enjoying the hard work of the construction industry. But that’s not all. Construction of all […]

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Meeting Out of this World Piping Project Needs

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One industry that we largely focus on at Base Construction is the aerospace industry. Multi-billion dollar companies have revolutionized the aerospace industry in recent years, and we are proud to be part of this advancement. So what does this have to do with us? When a company finds itself in need of a customized, one of a […]

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Save the Date: June is National Safety Month

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Whether at work or at home, on the highway or at the job site, safety is always, and should always be number one. When it comes to construction work, quality without safety is not really quality. That’s why we at Base Construction encourage everyone to make safety a priority, and join us in celebrating National […]

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Vacuuming Your Way to a Safe, Dust-Free Workplace

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If you work in any industrial environment where dust is being created—handling wood, cement, powder, metals—you’re already aware of what a nuisance this airborne dust is. But did you know there’s more to dust than it just getting in your way? Dust in the air is harmful to the environment, and very harmful to human […]

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Big Machinery Installations in Small Spaces: We Can Make it Happen

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In manufacturing, it’s often about making the impossible possible. Think about it: there are countless machines, products, and services that were created to fill a need, to answer the question, “can this be done?” That’s what we at Base Construction are all about—taking a seemingly difficult or impossible task and making it happen seamlessly. Setting […]

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In today’s global industrial environment, staying competitive is a top priority. No matter what industry you are in, there are many ways to have an edge against the competition. New technologies and innovation are leading strategies to improving business processes to save money, time, and resources. Installing energy efficient processes and systems offer an edge […]

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