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Benefits and Applications of Cogent Plant Projects

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Cogeneration or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is the simultaneous generation of electricity and other energy together, most often through an electrical generator to produce usable heat. More thermally efficient in using fuel than standard energy production, which results solely in unusable process heat, cogeneration better utilizes its resultant thermal energy in addition to the produced electricity. CHP captures the energy that would otherwise be lost in electricity generation and supplies it locally as a usable, alternative energy source.

Our Base Construction team is currently working on three cogent generator plant projects; we’re proud to be involved in such alternative energy initiatives.

Benefits of Electrical Generators

Converting heat into electricity using an electrical generator offers many advantages. Firstly, it uses less electricity during its conversion process than a conventional power plant.

Secondly, an electrical generator utilizing cogeneration processes warms its contained water using heat, meaning it creates and supplies both heat and electricity to its users; this differs from a conventional power plant, which would produce electricity as a main resource with heat only produced as an unused byproduct. By creating more value in this process, cogeneration presents an efficient, increasingly eco-friendly alternative to traditional energy production techniques.

Finally, cogeneration produces electricity at a significantly lower price for users than comparable production methods. New versions of these generators cogenerate more energy with increased reliability compared to older models, making such energy production a preferable option for many consumers.

Supporting Cogeneration

Actively involved in both energy-saving and clean air projects, Base Construction strongly supports green initiatives. We are proactive in our environmental efforts, including using recyclable materials where appropriate to reduce energy usage and recycling waste water.

Specifically, we’ve worked on similar eco-friendly projects for customers in the brewing, beverage, and food industries. With years of experience working on a broad range of projects across different fields, our skilled team understands how best to apply green technologies within distinct project environments, including our three current CHP projects.

For more information on our ongoing CHP plant work or to learn more about how our team can work with you to develop an eco-friendly approach to your project, contact us today.

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