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Earth Day Update: Base Construction Works to Eliminate Wastewater Across All Industries

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What is Wastewater?

Before we can create a construction solution, we need to know the origin of the problem. Wastewater is a by-product of domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural activities that rely on or use water in any capacity. This puts the responsibility of preventing wastewater leakage squarely on the shoulders of all industries, sectors, and even those at home.

Wastewater contains traces of heavy metals, toxic chemicals, and raw sewage. It contaminates everything it comes in contact with. It also has the potential to taint underground water reservoirs. When run unchecked and untreated, it upsets a delicate ecological balance that allows unwanted organisms to thrive and can wipe out the populations of native occupants like fish.

Rain and snow run-offs or melts also need to be treated before they can be recycled, but they are not intrinsically compromised by human activities.

Wastewater Demands $150 Billion:

Given the fact that trillions of gallons of wastewater find their way into the US water systems every year, the EPA has estimated that 270 billion dollars is needed to clean up the mess.

This astronomical figure is 150 billion dollars short of what the government can aggregate today.

With resources tight, and industrial and commercial activities on an upswing, and the present state of wastewater disposal at a D+.

Today, spans of sectors beyond “go-green” initiatives need to consider alternatives to processing wastewater.

A Realistic Solution:

Operations in states like California, where droughts currently exist, need to implement diligent wastewater treatment. Not only is this an environmental ask, it is also the surest way to avoid fines for health and preservation code violations.

A (robust) underground wastewater draining system can eliminate contamination hazards.

At Base Construction Inc. We’ve wrapped up several drainage system projects for a wide array of industries. Some include: food and produce operations, sanitary collection companies, and recycling plants.

The Base Construction team specialize in:

  • Finding the right solution to waste water overrun.
  • Select the equipment, piping, and control logic.
  • Supply and install foundation, structural steel, equipment installation, electrical, and process piping

After your underground piping system is in place, wastewater will safely collect and easily route to the nearest home of clarification, cleaning, and degreasing.

After the washing process, your water is then introduced into the city systems from where it is repurposed by the state infrastructure to produce reclaim water for landscaping and cooling tower usage.

This April 22nd, Base Construction is fully committing to helping So-Cal industries toe waste water disposal guidelines.

If you are interested in learning more about our piping systems for your wastewater projects, request information or connect with us today. You can also follow our projects and industry-wide updates by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Happy Earth Day!

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