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Base Construction Celebrates October’s Manufacturing Events

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At Base Construction, we’ve had a lot to celebrate in October. Our most notable recent events include National Customer Service Week and Manufacturing Day. These events promote growth in all manufacturing industries by providing resources that help businesses address common challenges and increase customer satisfaction. Below is an overview of these events and what they mean to us.

Customer Service Week

National Customer Service Week was founded in 1984 by the International Customer Service Association. The week is designed to celebrate the work that customer service professionals perform year-round while spreading the message across a variety of businesses, government, and industries that customer service is essential to a business’s success. Customer Service Week has been recognized by Congress since 1992.

Customer Service Week provides an opportunity to raise awareness of how important customer service is to an organization. Participating businesses boost morale, teamwork, and motivation amongst team members while reinforcing to customers their commitment to customer satisfaction.

In every project we undertake, Base Construction’s priority is to generate total satisfaction amongst our customers. Our team of highly skilled craftsmen takes pride in delivering top-notch customer service, as we’ve strived to do since our business began in 1998. Because our team is small, we are able to give each customer a high level of personal attention—even though our resources are plentiful enough to meet all their requirements. We believe our superior level of service complements the results we achieve for each customer.

Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day was developed by the Founding Partner Fabricators and Manufacturers Association and has been celebrated since 2012. This day gives manufacturers the opportunity to dispel misconceptions about our work and show the public what manufacturing is all about. Additionally, the day unites manufacturers in addressing challenges we all face, such as skilled labor shortages, solidifying manufacturing prosperity in the future, taking charge of manufacturing’s public image, and connecting with the future generations who we will serve and who will help us prosper.

Base Construction is proud to support Manufacturing Day and the initiatives it addresses. We recognize the challenges the ongoing skilled labor shortage poses to manufacturers, which is why we go the extra mile to seek and retain talented craftsmen. Base Construction provides our team with engaging projects and extremely safe working conditions.

We’re always happy to provide information about the work we do, both to our customers and manufacturing’s future generations. By providing the best service, we continue our commitment to promoting the prosperity of the entire manufacturing industry.

Our Commitment to Quality Service

Manufacturing Day and Customer Service Week serve as great opportunities for manufacturers like Base Construction to not only show our appreciation to the customers who make our businesses possible, but to revisit the challenges we face for the continual improvement of our industry.

Base Construction offers process piping, concrete foundation and slab, along with additional services to support a wide range of industrial projects. Learn more about our company and services by following us on Twitter and LinkedIn. To learn how we can provide solutions that meet your project needs, contact us today.

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