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Base Construction Completes Emergency Generator Support for Leading Telecommunications Company

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Base Construction recently fabricated and installed an emergency generator support platform for the project’s end user, T-Mobile, in Pico Rivera, CA, located about 15 miles south of Los Angeles. During the project, we ran into a number of challenges, which we overcame by embarking on a series of secondary construction projects.

As cell phones have become a primary form of contact for most Americans, it is essential that backup systems are in place to ensure that subscribers do not experience service interruptions during power outages or other events. These systems need to be installed in specific locations to ensure even cellular coverage, which meant that our team needed to adapt to the unique conditions of the generator’s worksite to ensure its success.

Here’s a look at some the challenges we faced while working in Pico Rivera, as well as the steps we took to overcome them.

Installation Challenges

The design called for the new emergency generator to be located on a rooftop, since there was not any room available on ground level.

Since the roof couldn’t handle the generator’s weight without additional support, engineers designed and built a platform to hold the generator. The platform would independently support the generator on top of four columns.

The four columns had to go through three levels: roof, mezzanine floor, and room ceiling. It was necessary to clear all the operation equipment from inside the room as well.

Successful Implementation

With the four columns and platform in place, the load of the generator will not impact the roof; it will only apply to the new platform. All that was left to solidify were the logistics of the required gas/fuel supply.

Several factors related to the location made it necessary for our team to bury gas lines underground. We supplied and installed a 2.5” carbon steel line on the property, which didn’t have gas service previously. We buried the gas lines at proper elevations and coated them with protective sealant in accordance with relevant safety standards.

Reliable Steel Fabrication and Generator Installation

Despite some logistical challenges in this project, with creativity and hard work, we successfully supported and installed the structural platform that now holds the new generator. This was a critical project because it will allow T-Mobile’s subscribers to have around-the-clock phone service even when the power goes out.

We enjoyed working on this challenging, rewarding project. From all the services that Base Construction offers, we relied heavily on our structural steel fabrication and installation expertise to get the job done.

About Us

At Base Construction, we work with each client to come up with custom, effective design and construction plans that fit within the parameters of desired installation locations. And our work doesn’t end once we finish a project: we also offer short- and long-term maintenance programs to make sure our installations continue to perform well after they’re up and running.

Base Construction was founded in 1988 and continues to expand on more than 40 years of experience in the industry, with more than 3,700 projects completed to date. We’re licensed in the state of California and have classifications in general engineering, general building, and C-36 plumbing. We make customer satisfaction our top priority, and our team is comprised of high-quality craftspeople that bring safety and top quality to every project.

With clients ranging from small industrial plant businesses to large corporations such as Arconic, UTC, Univar, and Phillips 66, the Base Construction team is ready to handle any need. Contact us today to learn more about our company and how we can help you with your next construction project.

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