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Construction Industry Overview to Close 2017

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As we wrap up our Safety Series, it’s time to focus on the end of this year in prep for 2018.

2017 brought with it some great industrial construction opportunities and we look forward to bringing these new projects forward with us into the new year. The past 12 months have also been a chance to heavily promote safety within construction and manufacturing and contributions to various causes and industries like aerospace, automotive, Earth Day, and National Manufacturing Day.

One big trend that we’ve watched take over the conversation is EV technology. With automotive companies growing in interest and hitting internal capacities, expansion will always be a necessity for large businesses. This year we helped redesign and customize an assembly line for car bodies and framework. Our engineers came up with exact gravity calculations to help heavy materials and structural components balance correctly and safely as the pieces move through the production line. With a successful outcome for such a large undertaking, we are looking forward to continuing our design, construction, and installation services within the automotive field.

The aerospace industry has also been a point of growth within our construction capabilities for those who need process piping projects completed. Our process piping capabilities cover everything from pipe installation, routing design and implementation, to pipe support design and installation. We’re happy to assist our customers with their project needs from start to finish.

Causes that our team took on this year include Earth Day and National Manufacturing Day. Underground piping projects are ideal solutions to underground drain systems and industrial wastewater disposal. Manufacturing Day is a great way to dissipate industry rumors and teach audiences about the changes in industry as the technology era continues to boom across all platforms. Trade skills and manufacturing careers are secure and fruitful options. Many still envision the field as factory floor work, but today technology, STEM, secure job placement, strong benefits, and contributions to a growing economy are at the forefront of the sector.

And last, but certainly not least, we addressed safety via both our blog and social media platforms, internally at our facility, and externally to any/all project undertakings. In May, we addressed handicap compliant construction and the need for all commercial buildings to enforce required construction codes to make sites disability friendly. Our team can help you become ADA compliant by constructing ramps, restrooms, offices, and exteriors handicap accessible.

Annually, June is known as National Safety Month (NSM). Did you know if employees take time off due to an injury, incident, or accident it can cause your company time and money? The NSC can also provide free safety measurement tools for companies that are interested in creating a safer workplace.

Following NSM, we hosted a three-part Safety Series. Each month focused on a different and specific aspect of construction safety. In August, we addressed safety guard standards. Safety guards protect workers from potential hazards like rotating equipment. In September, we reviewed roof guards. Guardrail systems go around roof openings and at the perimeter. As an industrial contractor, we recommend using guardrail systems on construction sites to prevent workers from falling. We wrapped up our most recent safety spotlight with OSHA’s input on skylight fall protection. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 800 employees die in the construction industry every year, most of them from accidental falls. Whether it be from ladders, structural supports, roofs, or skylight construction/installation it is vital for business owners and employees alike to understand the risks to take proper safety precautions and practice safety at all times.

Base Construction has been in business for almost 20 years as an industrial contractor for all types of industrial projects. Located in Southern California, we do everything from process piping, concrete/foundations, structural steel fabrication & installation to turnkey projects, and mechanical equipment placement/installation. We serve a wide range of industries including aerospace, chemical, insulation, recycling, food processing, metal forging, natural gas, co-gen, beer brewing, automotive, packaging,  and more.

Base Construction Inc. has helped a few of our customers to obtain VPP star (Voluntary Protection Programs).

At Base, we appreciate our customers and believe that their loyalty stems from not only our company’s capabilities, but also our desire to deliver the highest level of workmanship and quality to every project, our continuous promotion of and commitment to safety, and our long list of successful projects.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you all a very happy holiday season and look forward to speaking with you come the new year!

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