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Industrial Contractors

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What Is an Industrial Contractor?

An industrial contractor is a company that that manages, oversees, and handles the construction, maintenance, repair, renovation, relocation, repurposing, and demolition of industrial facilities, such as warehouses, factories, plants, and many more. Typical responsibilities include acquiring the necessary permits, coordinating with subcontractors, and maintaining the project budget. From aerospace and automotive to plastic and steel manufacturing, these companies are employed throughout a wide range of industries for many large-scale projects.

At Base Construction, we offer industrial contractor services for all types of industrial projects. Equipped with over two decades of industry experience and an extensive range of industrial licenses and certifications, our team is fully capable of meeting and exceeding customer needs with the highest quality project solutions.

Industrial Contractor Services at Base Construction

We provide an extensive selection of contractor services to suit various industrial projects. Our capabilities include the following:

Process Piping Design and Installation

Within industrial facilities, process piping serves a number of functions. In addition to facilitating HVAC and plumbing operations, it enables industry professionals to convey the materials needed for manufacturing processes to various points within the shop floor.

For facilities that employ piping for the latter purpose, we offer full-service solutions that fully comply with all applicable industrial codes. Our process piping services include:

  • Pipe routing design and implementation
  • Pipe material selection
  • Manual and control valve selection
  • Piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) development and implementation
  • Pipe installation
  • Pipe design support and installation
  • Pipe testing
  • Pipe painting and labeling
  • Pipe insulation and heat tracing

Office Construction and Renovation

We’ve constructed and renovated offices for customers in a variety of industries. In addition to ensuring the spaces are as safe, accessible, and functional as possible, our team ensures we finish the project on time and on budget.

Restroom Renovation

The American Disabilities Act dictates that all industrial facilities—with certain exceptions—must have ADA compliant restrooms. We offer restroom renovation services that focus specifically on bringing older and non-compliant bathrooms up to standards, as well as improving the aesthetic quality.

Concrete Foundation and Slab Design, Installation, Repair, and Restoration

In any construction project, a strong foundation is key. Any weak spots increase the risk of needing costly repairs or replacement in the future.

For customers looking to avoid these consequences, we offer the following concrete foundation and slab services:

  • Design and calculation of structural specifications for new constructions or existing building modifications
  • Installation
  • Repair and restoration

Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation

Structural steel is used in the fabrication of many building and construction components. Typical products include beams, rails, bars, ladders, catwalks, machine guarding, both permanent and portable platforms, tank anchoring, support systems, embedment for foundations, and many more.

Our expert team offers cost-effective structural steel fabrication and installation services for a wide range of industrial projects. Examples include handrails, pipe bridges, platforms, and component repair and restoration.

Turnkey Projects and Other Services

Our team offers turnkey project solutions, managing every step from start to finish to ensure we satisfy functional and aesthetic requirements, remain within budget, and facilitate long-term customer objectives and business goals. Whether a customer needs to expand their operations floor, add a new production line, renovate existing areas, and/or demolish certain facility areas, we are well-equipped to handle it.

Mechanical Equipment Services

Both proper selection and proper installation are critical to ensuring mechanical equipment functions as intended. For customers needing assistance with new or existing equipment, we offer mechanical equipment services to ensure it is installed safely and correctly. Some of the industrial equipment we work with includes air compressors, boilers, chillers, compressors, conveyors, cooling towers, evaporators, fans, generators, pumps, pressure vessels, and tanks.

Industrial Painting

In addition to improving the aesthetic quality of equipment and facility structures, paints and coatings can enhance their functional properties and performance. For example, depending on the formulation, they may add corrosion resistance to increase a surface’s durability, fireproofing to reduce the risk of a fire starting and spreading, or reflective properties to decrease the heat absorption rate to save on cooling costs.

Examples of Project Environments

Regardless of the project environment, our team has the knowledge and skills to get the project done and done right. Some of the industrial facilities in which our past projects have taken place include:

  • Aerospace facilities
  • Battery factories
  • Beverage plants
  • Drinking water plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Cryogenic plants
  • Electronic microchip and other semiconductor plants
  • Foam plants
  • Food processing facilities
  • Fossil, natural gas, geothermal, and co-generation power plants
  • Insulation plants
  • Lime, cement, boron, and concrete block plants
  • Power stations
  • Paper plants
  • Personal care products plants
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Smelters
  • Titanium plants
  • Tire plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants

Contact Base Construction for Your Industrial Contractor Needs

At Base Construction, we are committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers by bringing the highest level of quality and safety to every project. By partnering with us for their industrial contractor needs, they benefit from our:

  • Extensive experience garnered from over two decades in business and over 3000 successfully completed projects
  • Skilled craftsmen coming from all disciplines
  • Numerous affiliations, certifications, and licenses, including affiliations with ASME and AWS, California Class A, B, and C-36.

Cal OSHA trained

If you’re in the Los Angeles, California area and need industrial contractor services, contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or request a quote.

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