A strong, durable foundation is essential for any construction project, but it’s especially important when installing heavy mechanical equipment or process piping. Industrial facilities need to have full confidence in their concrete foundation, as failures can lead to cracking or warping that requires costly restoration or replacement.

At Base Construction, Inc., we’ve spent decades working with diverse clients to inspect, construct, and maintain high-performance concrete foundations, so we fully understand the constraints and challenges associated with industrial construction projects. We draw on years of successful partnerships to offer the most effective concrete services available at affordable prices. Our foundation and slab offerings include:

  • Design, calculation, and PE stamp
  • Structural specification for modification or new construction
  • Task-specific finishes, including complex forming and safe removal of forming

We complete all projects with care and precision, safeguarding your investment in reliable infrastructure. For more information, contact us.


Quality Concrete Services from Base Construction

Whether you need a standard slab foundation, a highly-specialized containment wall, or a localized repair, Base Construction has the knowledge and technical expertise to construct a wear-resistant foundation that will last. As specialists in process piping, we’re especially well-qualified to serve clients planning to install or replace pipes as an integral component of their facilities.

Servicing the California area for over 30 years, we bring quality and professionalism to every site built on our experience from over 1,000 successful construction projects. To learn more about your concrete foundation options, contact us or request information from our dedicated staff today.


Concrete Form and Tank Foundation

Concrete Structural Foundation

Concrete Restoration Protective Coating Before

Concrete Restoration Protective Coating After

Concrete Restoration of a Building Inside a Battery Plant

Concrete Foundation Design, Installation, and Repair

Base Construction specializes in concrete foundation services of all kinds. Each project begins with a full assessment of the site and your specifications, at which point we guide you through the entire installation and repair process to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for.


The Importance of a Quality Foundation

The success of any industrial construction project literally rests on the strength of its foundation. Poor design or installation makes the concrete more susceptible to cracking or failure, especially when piping or multi-ton equipment is introduced.

Considerations such as proper sealing and waterproofing are also essential, but inexperienced providers may be less familiar with the most effective finishing processes for industrial applications. Choosing a company with extensive industry experience is the only way to ensure that your foundation will hold up over time.


Comprehensive Design and Installation Services

The most effective concrete foundation services are tailored to the specific site and application. Our professional engineers begin each project by surveying the site and determining an ideal design to support the desired use case. This includes not only the strength and formulation of concrete but also the ideal shape.

Once you’ve signed off on the design, we construct the foundation to rigorous quality standards. The result is a long-lasting, heavily reinforced concrete structure that can support the equipment you need for your operation.


Concrete Foundation Cracking? Our Repair and Restoration Services

Even well-designed foundations may crack over time, often due to uncontrollable environmental factors. Preventative maintenance is sometimes also necessary when conditions change, or if slight wear is becoming visible. In these cases, the best first step is to consult with concrete experts to determine all of your options.

It isn’t always necessary to excavate and replace the entire foundation. If your existing structure is insufficient or beginning to wear down, our engineers can evaluate your needs to determine an appropriate repair and restoration plan. We examine your site carefully to determine the least-intrusive process for repair or reinforcement.

When done properly, foundation repair can save your company a substantial amount in excavation costs by altering only what’s necessary to maintain structural integrity. If the entire foundation does need to be replaced, we do it as efficiently as possible and replace it with a long-lasting design that better suits your needs.



Concrete Services

Structural Design and Calculation
Pump foundation
Tank foundation
Industrial Equipment foundation
Machine Foundation
Structural Foundation
Containment Wall
Strom Water Improvement
Elevated Slab & Foundations
Concrete Restoration
Concrete Coating


2500 PSI concrete, pump mix, 3/8” minus aggregate
2500 PSI concrete, 3/4” minus aggregate
3000 PSI concrete, pump mix, 3/8” minus aggregate
3000 PSI concrete, 3/4” minus aggregate
4000 PSI concrete, pump mix, 3/8” minus aggregate
4000 PSI concrete, 3/4” minus aggregate

Foundation Type

Containment Walls
Slab-on-Grade Foundation
Raised Foundation

Dimension Limitations

2000 ft. x 2000 ft.


Aerospace facilities
Asphalt plants
Battery factories
Beverage plants, dairies, and drinking water plants
Chemical plants
Copper sheet plants
Cryogenic plants
Electronic microchip and other semi-conductor plants
Foam plant
Food processing facilities
Fossil, natural gas, geothermal and co-generation
Power station
Gold mines
Insulation plants
Lime, cement, Boron, concrete block plants
Paper plants
Personal care products plant
Pharmaceutical plant
Titanium plant
Tire plants
Wastewater treatment plants

Concrete Foundation Types

Base Construction specializes in containment walls, slab-on-grade foundations, and raised foundations. Our experienced sales staff will discuss all of these options with you to make sure that you request the most appropriate foundation type for your needs.

Containment Walls

Concrete containment structures combine a heavy-duty foundation with vertical, reinforced concrete walls to prevent hazardous chemicals or gases from escaping an industrial facility. They are common for applications for any processing plants which handle any materials that could be contaminated even oily water.

Base Construction designs and installs containment walls to your specifications, matching the concrete, reinforcement, design, and coatings to the specific application. Failing to take all of these variables into consideration could lead to a containment wall malfunction that endangers not only the structure, but also employees, local communities, and the environment.


Slab-On-Grade Foundations

Slab-on-grade foundations are relatively simple, consisting of only a single, thick layer of concrete poured over reinforcement rods. The edges are poured slightly thicker to form a supportive footing. Slab foundations are easier and cheaper to construct in favorable environmental conditions, but they aren’t suitable for every application. Subpar soil conditions, steep grades, and cold environments can all limit the utility of a slab-on-grade foundation, making it difficult to install or even increasing susceptibility to cracking.


Raised Foundations

Unlike slab foundations which use the edges as a footing, raised foundations are built on a continuous layer of footing supported by piers. This design is ideal for environments that can’t support a slab foundation due to climate or geographical factors.

Since the foundation isn’t built directly on top of the soil, the concrete is less likely to crack when the soil freezes, absorbs moisture, or shifts. The design of a raised foundation creates a crawlspace underneath the building. Should repairs ever become necessary, this space makes it easier to access the damaged portions.


Industrial Applications

Base Construction serves clients across industries with personalized, professional concrete surfaces. Every industrial facility requires a durable foundation, and we are confident we can meet that need for any customer. Our past projects and potential capabilities for industrial projects include:

  • Aerospace facilities
  • Battery factories
  • Beverage plants, dairies, and drinking water plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Cryogenic plants
  • Electronic microchip and other semi-conductor plants
  • Foam plant
  • Food processing facilities
  • Natural gas, geothermal and co-generation power station
  • Insulation producing plants
  • Lime, cement, concrete block plants
  • Paper plants
  • Personal care products plant
  • Pharmaceutical plant
  • Tire plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants


Services and Capabilities

Our full range of concrete services extends far beyond installation or repair. We are skilled in the following sets of services and project types:

  • Structural design and calculation
  • Pump foundations
  • Tank foundations
  • Industrial equipment foundations
  • Machine foundations
  • Structural foundations
  • Sumps
  • Tranches
  • Containment walls
  • Stormwater improvement
  • Bollards
  • Elevated slab & foundations
  • Concrete restoration
  • Concrete coatings


Materials and Specifications

One key consideration for any construction project is appropriate material use. We select from the following high-quality grades of concrete, verifying that the strength is compatible with all requirements. We will submit concrete mix design before the concrete is placed. The mixed design could be for varieties strength and curing time and application.

  • 2500 PSI concrete, pump mix, 3/8″ minus aggregate
  • 2500 PSI concrete, 1″ minus aggregate
  • 3000 PSI concrete, pump mix, 3/8″ minus aggregate
  • 3000 PSI concrete, 1″ minus aggregate
  • 4000 PSI concrete, pump mix, 3/8″ minus aggregate
  • 4000 PSI concrete, 1” minus aggregate
  • Up to 7000 PSI concrete with aggregate

We can accommodate projects of all sizes and will work closely with you to ensure that our capabilities line up with your expectations. For more information please contact us or request a quote.