Process Piping and Mechanical Equipment setting requires a proper foundation. Base Construction, Inc. will investigate to insure the foundation is sufficient for pipe supports or the equipment weight. We will design the foundation using Professional Engineers (PE) and will saw cut, core drill, excavate, form and install rebar as per design and pour proper strength concrete.

Furthermore, Base Construction, Inc. will also evaluate existing concrete foundation, from time to time; we can design to increase the strength and life of an existing concrete foundation to save unnecessary excavation and cost. Setting Anchor Bolts in its accurate position prior to placement of concrete is a task well done by Base Construction, Inc. We provide a full range of quality concrete services to meet your concrete needs from design and layout to structural specification and task specific finishes. Complex forming, along with proper and safe concrete demolition and excavation, requires good engineering and experience which Base Construction, Inc. provides!

Concrete Form and Tank Foundation

Concrete Structural Foundation

Concrete Restoration Protective Coating Before

Concrete Restoration Protective Coating After

Concrete Restoration of a Building Inside a Battery Plant


Concrete Services

Structural Design and Calculation
Pump foundation
Tank foundation
Industrial Equipment foundation
Machine Foundation
Structural Foundation
Containment Wall
Strom Water Improvement
Elevated Slab & Foundations
Concrete Restoration
Concrete Coating


2500 PSI concrete, pump mix, 3/8” minus aggregate
2500 PSI concrete, 3/4” minus aggregate
3000 PSI concrete, pump mix, 3/8” minus aggregate
3000 PSI concrete, 3/4” minus aggregate
4000 PSI concrete, pump mix, 3/8” minus aggregate
4000 PSI concrete, 3/4” minus aggregate

Foundation Type

Containment Walls
Slab-on-Grade Foundation
Raised Foundation

Dimension Limitations

2000 ft. x 2000 ft.


Aerospace facilities
Asphalt plants
Battery factories
Beverage plants, dairies, and drinking water plants
Chemical plants
Copper sheet plants
Cryogenic plants
Electronic microchip and other semi-conductor plants
Foam plant
Food processing facilities
Fossil, natural gas, geothermal and co-generation
Power station
Gold mines
Insulation plants
Lime, cement, Boron, concrete block plants
Paper plants
Personal care products plant
Pharmaceutical plant
Titanium plant
Tire plants
Wastewater treatment plants