Base Construction, Inc. has been providing professional design and builds services for industrial facilities since 1998. Whether you need to build a new operation facility or adding a new product line or expanding your work area, the Base Construction, Inc. team provides creative solutions to assist you in growing and improving your business. Managing the details from conception to completion we design and build a facility that merges your ideas, needs, objectives and budget into a long-term business solution.

Base Construction, Inc. has wide-ranging familiarity with Chemical, Energy (Co-Gen, Geothermal, and Solar), Environmental, Food & Beverage, Recycling (Paper & Battery), Aerospace, Electronic, Cryogenic, Industrial Waste Water treatment, and other heavy industrial plants. This allows Base Construction, Inc. to customize for nearly all industries and to design systems to solve client’s problems. At Base Construction, Inc. our specialty is the ability to complete all phases of a project, including designing, fabrication, and installation of specialized industrial equipment. Base Construction, Inc. has always focused on what is important to our clients. Base Construction, Inc. Turnkey services includes, but not limited to: new facilities, building additions, renovations, adding new product line, and expanding operation area.



Base Construction offers various Maintenance programs to our clients, which include weekly, monthly, yearly, or scheduled maintenance or forced shut-downs. Base Construction’s labor rates and self equipment rental rate helps our clients to overcome their budget challenges. Unlike other contractors, Base Construction can provide Lump Sum, Cost Plus, or T&M (Time & Material) proposals for Maintenance projects.

Additional Services

Concrete and Steel Structural Repair
Concrete Coating
Concrete Crack Repair
Concrete Restoration
Double Wall Piping
Electrical Engineering Services
Epoxy Injection to Damaged Concrete
Epoxy Painting
Epoxy Grouting
Heavy Lifts
Machinery Moving & Installation
Tank Repair


Aerospace facilities
Battery factories
Beverage plants, dairies, and drinking water plants
Chemical plants
Cryogenic plants
Electronic microchips and other semi-conductor plants
Foam plant
Food processing facilities
Fossil, natural gas, geothermal and co-generation
Power station
Insulation plants
Lime, cement, Boron, concrete block plants
Paper plants
Personal care products plant
Pharmaceutical plant