Base Construction, Inc. has worked on a wide range of structural steel fabrication projects. We have designed and built Process Piping Structural Steel Supports, Pipe Bridge, Slope Tanks Bottom Support, Tank Anchoring Support Systems, Structural Steel Foundations, Support Foundation for all types of equipment, Handrails, Platforms, Catwalks, Ladders, Plate and Structural Steel Fabrication, Machine Guarding, and Structural Steel Repair and Restoration. Along with the design process, we can safely install all structural steel systems we design for your project while staying within budget and schedule limitations. We can design and estimate a project ahead of time for customer, for their next year or two budgeting, and work with them along the way to accomplish that.

Base Construction, Inc is a diversified contractor who creates effective solutions to difficult problems. In addition to our fabrication and installation services, we also do short and long term maintenance programs. Through the use of our construction management and consulting services, we can help your company get your structural steel fabrication and installation projects off the ground!


Pipe Supports & Bridge

Base Construction, Inc. will consider the expansion, extraction, stress, strain, seismic requirements, and material selection (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Plastic) when designing a pipe support or a pipe bridge.

Custom-Made Platforms

Base Construction, Inc. has custom-made platforms for top of boilers, tanks, scrubbers, heat exchanges, furnaces, and fans. Material selection is an important factor to fabricate and install custom-made platforms. Some of the materials we use to fabricate and install custom-made platforms include Aluminum, Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, and various Plastics, just to name a few.

Custom-Made Portable Platforms

Base Construction, Inc. performed projects that required portable and removable platforms while a shut-down of scheduled maintenance takes place. The design and fabrication included, but not limited to, proper design per code requirements, rigging design, storage and transportation from the outside to the inside of the building.

Custom-Made Sky-light protection

While a large number of Sky-light fall protection manufactures exists, Base Construction, Inc. had to put its team to design and build Sky-light protection which was unique in design and fabrication and application.

Custom-Made Temporary Supports

Base Construction, Inc. has designed and built temporary supports when a structural steel support member had to be removed in order to gain access to equipment for replacement or maintenance.

Custom-Made Handrails

Base Construction, Inc. designed and built projects which required removable handrails, light weight or corrosion resistance handrails. Base Construction, Inc. put its teams to work to overcome the challenges.

Ladder Fabrication and Modification

Base Construction, Inc. has worked on projects which required ladder with code requirement width, cage, and material. Modification of these ladders saved time and money for our clients while bringing their ladder to the latest code requirements.

Custom-Made Tank Nozzles & Tanks Reinforcing Pads

Base Construction, Inc. has replaced tank nozzles, and added reinforcing pads to bring a tank to proper requirement, both per client and codes requirements.


Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Various Plastics


Aerospace facilities
Asphalt plants
Battery factories
Beverage plants, dairies, and drinking water plants
Chemical plants
Copper sheet plants
Cryogenic plants
Electronic microchip and other semi-conductor plants
Foam plant
Forge plants
Food processing facilities
Fossil, natural gas, geothermal and co-generation
Power station
Gold mines
Insulation plants
Lime, cement, Boron, concrete block plants
Paper plants
Personal care products plant
Pharmaceutical plant
Plate and Structural Steel Fabrication
Slope Bottom Tank Support and Foundation
Tank Anchoring System
Titanium plant
Tire plants
Wastewater treatment plants

Tank Anchoring System

There are tanks that are in service but require new code anchoring requirement. Base Construction, Inc. can help as we have already helped numerous clients update their out of date tanks to new code and seismic requirements.

Slope Bottom Tank Support and Foundation

A Slope bottom tank requires proper structural steel of concrete foundation; Base Construction, Inc. can design and build as it has for many of our clients.

Plate and Structural Steel Fabrication

From time to time structural steel member is not made or available in the marketplace. Base Construction, Inc. can fabricate and install all forms of structural members.

Movable (Mobil) Elevated Platform

Base Construction, Inc. has designed and built one of kind movable platforms, which are very unique in construction and application. In one case, one of our clients required full protection to their equipment while the roof was being replaced. Since it was not possible and feasible to protect the entire equipment, Base Construction, Inc. put its team to work and designed and built a platform which could be easily moved as roofers moved to different locations. Due to size and weight limitations, the entire platform was constructed of Aluminum.

Machine Guarding

Base Construction, Inc. has designed and fabricated Machine Guards for many of client, both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel.

Structural Steel Repair and Restoration

Base Construction, Inc. has saved a number of our client’s time and money by repairing and restoring their structural steel. These specialized works are performed by evaluating the damage structural steel and providing alternatives to repair to a sound code and safety requirement. Base construction, Inc. can help your structural steel needs, as we have more than 30 years experience in industrial plants and also provide our own design layouts.