Industrial Electrical Maintenance Services

Electrical systems are crucial to the efficient operation of various industrial applications. When these systems are in good repair, production runs smoothly and personnel can work efficiently. However, if these systems are not maintained, it can lead to costly downtimes, interruptions, and data loss.

Industrial electrical maintenance serves the purpose of making sure facilities and equipment are functioning well. This critical service involves the installation and repair of electrical apparatus, as well as the upkeep and preservation of systems that supply electricity to buildings and equipment.

Base Construction Inc. works in all industrial facilities in the Los Angeles area. We are a premier electrical contractor focusing on everything from new installations to servicing requests. Your company will benefit from our general, specialty, industry-specific, and/or site-specific safety services.

Base Construction Industrial Electrical Maintenance Services

Base Construction is a contractor for all types of industrial electrical maintenance projects in the Los Angeles area. Areas we specialize in include:

  • Industrial Automation Systems. Base Construction provides services from motor control design to machine control for facilities that want to boost production efficiency.
  • Machinery Modifications. We can help to upgrade or modify machinery to meet advanced customer operational specifications. All work is completed in accordance with current safety regulations.
  • Machinery Installations. We work with customers to provide electrical services for industrial machinery, whether the job is an installation or a relocation.
  • Conveyor Automation Systems. Base Construction can provide installation and maintenance services for conveyor automation systems.
  • New Main Electrical Services. We offer new main electrical services from 240v to 480v. This includes 3Ph distribution gears of various voltages as well as transformer installations to meet customer specifications while remaining code compliant. 

Lighting and Repair Services

One key component of electrical systems is providing lighting that safely illuminates work areas with maximum cost efficiency. Our lighting expertise ranges from engineering lighting design concepts all the way to the final installation and providing repair services. We supply superior lighting components and repair services for customers in industries such as chemical plants, food processing, electronics, and medical.

Installation Services

At Base Construction, we offer the following installation services:

  • Motor Control Design
  • PLC Design
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lighting
  • Maintenance
  • Infra-Red Analysis
  • New Installations

Base Construction: Industrial Electrical Contractor Services in the Los Angeles Area

Industrial electrical maintenance services are crucial in ensuring smooth and efficient operation in a wide range of industries and applications. Proudly serving the Los Angeles area since 1998, Base Construction is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations and bringing safety and quality to every project.

Contact us today for more information about our industrial electrical maintenance services.