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  1. Base Construction is Working Behind the Scenes in SoCal Industrial Plants

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    Oil companies, packaging manufacturers, and industrial companies are among the clients Base Construction is currently providing a variety of construction-related services to. Although we cannot reveal our clients, we can tell you that we’ve been behind the scenes in industrial plants to help support the operations of industries of all types.

    Here is a sampling of Base Construction’s recent projects, showing some of what we’re currently working on at SoCal industrial plants:

    Installation of industrial conveyors and manufacturing equipment
    Base Construction installs conveyors, machinery and manufacturing  equipment of all types at industrial plants throughout Southern California. We’re currently working with a manufacturer of transmission oil and bottled motor oil, making sure conveyors on the packaging lines and other machinery and equipment in the industrial plant are installed properly. What we’re doing is helping to keep operations moving forward smoothly!

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    Remodeling restrooms in industrial plants
    While restrooms are not often talked about, they do play a role in industrial plants and most businesses. What needs to be done? At Base Construction, we know how to properly remodel existing restrooms and how to build new restrooms in industrial plants to meet Southern California’s building codes and safety requirements. We even have a specialized crew dedicated to restroom remodeling and restroom construction in industrial plants.

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    Construction of offices within industrial plants and warehouses.
    Need office space within your industrial plant or warehouse? Base Construction builds offices within industrial plants. With offices on
    site managers, supervisors and key personnel can conduct business and tend to their daily office tasks close to manufacturing operations. Ask us about the office space Base Construction has built at industrial plants throughout Southern California.

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    Base Construction is an industrial contractor for all types of industrial projects. We’d be happy to tell you more about everything we do. Check out our website to learn more about us and about the services we offer. Or give us a call at 949-387-3471. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

  2. California Drought Triggers the Need for More Construction of Industrial Facilities with Process Piping

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    Water distribution and desalination are hot news topics across the U.S. and around the world recently. But this is especially true in California, where the state has been experiencing drought conditions for more than two years now. And it’s not just the water industry that’s feeling pressure as a result of the drought: Just about every manufacturing industry across the U.S. – from food processing to automotive manufacturing – are feeling the residual effects of the drought. Overall, the drought is just one factor that is spurring the need for more manufacturing and industrial facilities that require process piping construction. On a global basis, all types of industrial processes — anywhere where compressed air, water distribution, vacuums and steam boilers are involved, or other situations where materials are conveyed through pipes — require reliable and safe process piping construction. But we’ll talk more about this later in this blog post.

    Getting back to the drought… Closer to home in Southern California, we’ve been coping with the drought for quite a while now. A recent report on weather.com states that after the recent rain “Los Angeles County Water tweeted that their system had captured 1.16 billion gallons of water, enough to supply 28,000 people for a year. However, Los Angeles County has over 10 million residents.” The report continues: “Even with the recent rain, Los Angeles has had less than half its average rainfall since July 1, 2011  — 24 inches short of the average of 47 inches.” This presents a challenge. Municipalities, researchers and industrial businesses are all working together to determine ways to get useable, potable water to more people. Building processing plants and process piping systems is a big part of the solution to the water issues we’re experiencing.

    Here’s some advice, not just for the water industry, but for all types of industries involved with process piping construction projects: Work with experienced industrial contractors that know how to design and develop process piping systems the right way. Effective and successful process piping design requires specific technical knowledge and hands-on construction know-how. Make sure you work with an industrial contractor who knows how to build a process piping system from the ground up, resulting in a system that has a solid foundation and insulation and pipe support in all the appropriate places.

    At Base Construction, we design and build process piping construction for all types of industrial processes. We specialize in pipe fabrication and installation, pipe routing, pipe system support, pipe painting, pipe labeling and more. We’re based in the Los Angeles area and serve the Southern California region, and we’re ready to tackle any manufacturing process piping challenge – even those presented to us by Mother Nature!