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Recapping the Past Year in Blogs

Our blog has been a great way to “talk” to our customers about what’s going on in the industry and with our company in general. We have been able to go into more depth regarding projects we are proud of and services we offer.

Over the past year we have shown you a sample of some of our recent industrial projects, our involvement with generator installation and energy, the importance of safety awareness, energy conservation, and working with the aerospace industry. This is really just a sampling of our capabilities. Customers can rely on Base Construction for many types of projects since we employ high-quality craftsmen in all construction disciplines.

Our capabilities are so varied that clients are often unaware of all the things we can do. In this past year we have completed many different kinds of projects within industrial plants that highlight our wide-ranging capabilities. Base Construction has taken on:

• Remodeling: Even in industrial plants office areas and restrooms need updating at some time. Restrooms, for example, are key areas that must be in good working order and up to standards and regulations. Because this ‘industrial remodeling’ is more common than you might think, we have a crew dedicated to handling bathroom remodeling and restroom construction, as well as office construction experience, for industrial facilities.
• Underground repair work: Our capabilities run deep, as is the case when pipes need repair. We were called in to find and repair a water line that was leaking at an aerospace facility. The leak was difficult to find but we went to great lengths to fix the problem.
• Temporary heating/cooling systems: The heat wave this summer left many Southern Californian companies struggling. In one instance we had to add a temporary cooling tower to regulate temperatures within the facility. We took on the engineering and the calculations and completed the job in 2 days. In another case we engineered a hood to remove excessive heat from around a customer’s oven/furnaces so that the employees could work in a more comfortable environment.

The goal for all of us at Base Construction is to exceed the needs of our customers. Because we are willing to go outside of our comfort zone, our abilities extend far beyond what we list as general capabilities. And, we are continuing to expand as we add more mechanical, structural, and chemical engineering staff to expand our efforts even further.

This past year kept us challenged in the broad scope of the projects we took on. We look forward to continuing to expand our experiences in 2016 to improve the industrial manufacturing sector project by project.

As a contractor in all areas of construction contact us to learn how Base Construction can help on your next project.

Happy holidays from the Base Construction crew!

As Construction Grows, the Country’s Economy Follows

Pipe ImageConstruction is an industry whose impact is wide and far-reaching. Every home and office in which we live and work, every road on which we drive, every time we visit a theater, museum, school, mall, or restaurant, we are actively enjoying the hard work of the construction industry.

But that’s not all. Construction of all kinds, all sizes, has a massive impact on our economy – and when construction grows, our economy is significantly and positively impacted.

In fact, this article, which notes that the crane market is “rocking” and that construction “has seen a sizeable increase” recently, states that “good news for the construction industry is good news for the U.S. economy as a whole.”

When construction projects—whether residential or commercial—increase, money is poured back into many aspects of our society. More equipment is purchased, more people are hired, more homes and buildings are bought, leased, and occupied. In more ways than most people can imagine, construction sends large amounts of money back into the economy, and everyone wins.

In this article in Construction Global, it’s stated that from “high rises to highways and every commercial project in between, large-scale construction is seeing a resurgence” all across the country. This means that throughout the U.S., the economy will continue to see a major uptick, thanks to this far-reaching, tireless industry.

Of course, the impact is felt on all levels, throughout all areas. The benefits don’t just come from major projects in the country’s biggest cities, but from projects of all sizes in small towns and large metro hubs alike.

In Shreveport, LA, for instance, construction projects are “leading the way when it comes to the greatest impact on the local economy,” with an approximate 70% of increased construction activity pumping money into the area, according to this Shreveport newspaper article.

The fact is construction is an industry filled with hard-working Base Construction logopeople whose work affects everyday lives, and our country on the whole. At Base Construction, we’re very proud to be a part of it, and look forward to continuing to make our industry’s impacts seen and heard.

Big Machinery Installations in Small Spaces: We Can Make it Happen

Base Construction ProjectIn manufacturing, it’s often about making the impossible possible.

Think about it: there are countless machines, products, and services that were created to fill a need, to answer the question, “can this be done?” That’s what we at Base Construction are all about—taking a seemingly difficult or impossible task and making it happen seamlessly.

Setting and installing heavy machinery is a complex, difficult task. Very often it involves placing equipment into a very tight spot, and making sure nothing is compromised in the process. This is where we come in, and where we thrive.

mechanical_equipment_4Heavy machinery—whether being installed in a new location or being moved from one spot to another—requires skill and care. There are requirements prior to installation, including leveling, anchoring, and of course safety assurance, and when the spot is tight, meeting these requirements becomes more of a challenge.

We do this on a daily basis. Just recently we worked with a client who had a large machine shipped from Italy to Los Angeles. We brought the machine to their site and installed it in an extremely tight spot inside their facilities. The equipment was set up flawlessly, and was up and running in no time.

Because difficult installations are one of our specialties, our crew is highly experienced in it; they know what to expect, what to avoid, and how to get the job done right.

Air compressors, labelers, wrappers, vacuum furnaces, presses, large skids, large ovens, boilers, heat exchangers, generators…these are just some of the many things we can install in tight spots, getting our clients’ machines in and working without a hitch. We’ve spent decades helping our customers expect and achieve the impossible.

To learn more about these services, please visit our website, and feel free to contact us anytime with questions.

Going the Extra Mile for our clients!

BASECONST Standing out in today’s competitive industrial construction industry takes more than a little effort. To gain and keep customers you need more than just one effort. High-quality products and competitive prices are an absolute must, but they won’t do it alone. In the end, you need to go the extra mile to take care of your customers and their needs. It’s hard to believe, but not everyone understands that to succeed you need to make it “all about the customer.”

BASECONST2Since our founding in 1998, Base Construction has succeeded not only by offering the finest products and services, but also by making total customer satisfaction our first priority. Whether it is process piping, concrete foundation and slab work, or structural steel fabrication and installation, the experts at Base Construction achieve a unique balance between quality, price, and customer service.

A perfect example of this winning formula is a recent job we are doing for the folks at CONSARC, based in New Jersey, the Vacuum engineering experts who makes products such as VAR (Vacuum Arc Remelting).  CONSARC contacted Base Construction to work on a critical aerospace project. Without the guarantee of work, many companies might have settled with a phone call or even an email, but that is not how Base works. We understood how important this project was for CONSARC, so we immediately jumped on a plane and flew across the country from our Buena Park, California headquarters to Rancocas, New Jersey. Not only did this provide us with a look at the project, but it also reassured them that we had the expertise to get the job done right. We truly believe our actions proved to CONSARC that we are small enough to give customers a high-level of personal attention while being big enough to meet all of their requirements.

In the end, going the extra mile worked, and we are extremely proud of our partnership with CONSARC. If you want to learn more about all the benefits of working with the experts at Base Construction, please visit our website or contact us directly today. We promise we will always go the extra mile for you!