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Contributing to a Circular Economy Beyond Earth Day

This past Earth Day on April 22nd was and is a reminder for all of us to be conscious of the environment. Because of our work in industrial construction, protecting valuable resources is always a consideration in project design. Optimal resource efficiency, from reducing energy use to using recyclable materials, is a goal we strive for. The Base Construction team consistently finds ways to use the most sustainable materials and reuse waste such as heat and water to save energy.

Optimal resource efficiency is a core idea of a global circular economy. A circular economy uses existing materials instead of continually starting with raw materials. To that extent, steel is integral to the global circular economy. It is truly sustainable because of its competitive advantage over other materials. The steel lifecycle enables it to be reduced, reused, remanufactured, and recycled. For industrial construction, steel is the only material suitable for support structures, platforms, catwalks, ladders, and machine guards.

Using resources efficiently involves out-of-the-box engineering. Recycling waste water is the ultimate in eco-friendly practices. Base has created a system to recycle wastewater and turn it into an advantage by treating the water and using it for two to three cycles. In a recent project, our engineering team developed a cycle/design system with a custom-built storage tank and sensors to measure for proper pH levels. Eventually, the water was unable to be reused for another cycle, but the results reduced wastewater going to the city sewer lines from 70,000 gal to 40,000, saving 30,000 gals of wastewater in total.

Base is involved with power saving projects that include both reducing the amount of power required to run a system and also capturing wastes to redirect that energy. Just as recycling wastewater returns every last bit of usable water, waste heat is also repurposed to generate power and save money. We have been working on a project that captures waste heat through negative pressure and uses it in a heat exchanger to raise the temperature of the water. For a brewery, we recently built a cogeneration system using a heat engine to generate electricity and heat at the same time. The heat exhaust, which would have been released into the air, was processed to heat water needed for the operation. In both of these instances, the companies reduced the amount of energy consumption by reusing wasted energy to power their processes.

Reducing energy use saves money and resources. The engineering team at Base has a broad understanding of how to use resources efficiently to reduce a company’s carbon footprint. For the smartest use of energy, contact the environmentally conscience team at Base Construction!

Protecting Process Piping in Winter’s Coldest Months

Process Piping ImageProcess piping is an important part of many manufacturing operations. Almost all industries require piping, in one form or another, to convey material used in the manufacturing process. In winter months, the cold temperatures can have an adverse effect on piping systems and the materials they transport. There are a few of ways to prevent changing temperatures from effecting the manufacturing operation.

Just as we insulate walls to keep heat in, the same can be done for piping. Insulating a piping system prevents materials from losing heat which helps maintain temperature control of the entire process. Accurate temperature control is critical in certain applications like food processing. Pipe insulation also conserves energy by reducing heat loss.

Used in conjunction with insulation, heat tracing offers another way to keep process piping from being impacted by cold temperatures. Heat tracing (adding heating elements to the outside of the piping, under the insulation or used alone) is most often used in applications where too much heat loss would severely impact the process operation. Another circumstance would be when the material solidifies at ambient temperatures.

In many industrial operations steam tracing is common. The steam goes around copper tubing and is covered with insulating material to maintain temperatures in a proper manor. When steam is unavailable or unwanted in an application, electrical tape is a viable option for heat tracing. When used alone, electrical tape has the added benefit of heating the ambient temperature and keeping the surrounding environment warm.

Pipe insulation and heat tracing are necessary additions to piping systems that would be impacted by temperature change due to cold weather. At Base Construction, we have the capabilities to provide high-quality electrical and steam heat tracing and pipe insulation to meet any industry requirement. Our ability to take on challenging and diversified projects enables us to deliver effective solutions for all types of process piping system fabrication and installation.

Contact Base Construction today or visit our website to learn more about our process piping capabilities and view examples of our past projects.

Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

The start of the New Year has us prepping for upcoming work that has been contracted for, but not yet underway. This year looks to be busy with projects, both big and small, large scope and narrow focus, lastly, Base Construction 2016 Image 1challenging and routine.

While we can’t give away too many details, we can relay an idea of what types of projects we will be working on in 2016. The first on the docket is the installation of a second vacuum oven for a leading aerospace company. For this project we designed all of the piping and installation from start to finish. We had originally installed a single oven, for our returning customer, last winter. Their extreme approval of our previous work resulted in our return for this turnkey project and we look forward to getting started!

Another returning customer (a government company that cannot be named) has awarded us further contracting for valves, instrumentation, and other mechanical devices. Why? Because they know Base Construction has the experienced staff to handle the ins and outs of the project. We will be handling equipment orders such as valves and necessary instrumentation. Beyond that, an in-house mechanical engineer will confirm the design so that the installation team can sanction that everything is in place. This type of service ensures that, once on site, unforeseen problems will not occur.

We’ve, once again, been awarded a separate project inside of a food facility. The job requires the replacement of existing carbon steel floors, with 316 stainless steel floors in a total of 14 rooms. At the completion of this development our client will produce different food product only accessible through stainless steel flooring and platforms.

To wrap things up, we would like to note several smaller jobs on the horizon. Our team is working on piping projects, safety related projects, and updates to conform to new OSHA requirements. One of our leading projects is the installation of safety equipment from Alcoa. Items such as guards and handrails for equipment, fall prevention devices, key-access ladders, and custom made security equipment will be fitted. Our capabilities also enable us to replace broken asphalt and concrete to prevent tripping hazards and various dangerous situations.

This coming year will find us as at locations all over SoCal, working on projects to improve processes, equipment, and facilities. If you have a project that calls for expert mechanical engineering services, contact Base Construction today! Remember to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest industry updates and future blog content. Happy new year to all, from the Base Construction team!

Recapping the Past Year in Blogs

Our blog has been a great way to “talk” to our customers about what’s going on in the industry and with our company in general. We have been able to go into more depth regarding projects we are proud of and services we offer.

Over the past year we have shown you a sample of some of our recent industrial projects, our involvement with generator installation and energy, the importance of safety awareness, energy conservation, and working with the aerospace industry. This is really just a sampling of our capabilities. Customers can rely on Base Construction for many types of projects since we employ high-quality craftsmen in all construction disciplines.

Our capabilities are so varied that clients are often unaware of all the things we can do. In this past year we have completed many different kinds of projects within industrial plants that highlight our wide-ranging capabilities. Base Construction has taken on:

• Remodeling: Even in industrial plants office areas and restrooms need updating at some time. Restrooms, for example, are key areas that must be in good working order and up to standards and regulations. Because this ‘industrial remodeling’ is more common than you might think, we have a crew dedicated to handling bathroom remodeling and restroom construction, as well as office construction experience, for industrial facilities.
• Underground repair work: Our capabilities run deep, as is the case when pipes need repair. We were called in to find and repair a water line that was leaking at an aerospace facility. The leak was difficult to find but we went to great lengths to fix the problem.
• Temporary heating/cooling systems: The heat wave this summer left many Southern Californian companies struggling. In one instance we had to add a temporary cooling tower to regulate temperatures within the facility. We took on the engineering and the calculations and completed the job in 2 days. In another case we engineered a hood to remove excessive heat from around a customer’s oven/furnaces so that the employees could work in a more comfortable environment.

The goal for all of us at Base Construction is to exceed the needs of our customers. Because we are willing to go outside of our comfort zone, our abilities extend far beyond what we list as general capabilities. And, we are continuing to expand as we add more mechanical, structural, and chemical engineering staff to expand our efforts even further.

This past year kept us challenged in the broad scope of the projects we took on. We look forward to continuing to expand our experiences in 2016 to improve the industrial manufacturing sector project by project.

As a contractor in all areas of construction contact us to learn how Base Construction can help on your next project.

Happy holidays from the Base Construction crew!

Don’t Overlook Potential Problems! Now is the Time for End of Year Repairs

Even though the temps are cooling down, it’s still hard to accept that winter is right around the corner. The cold temperatures that old man winter blows in are chilling to us, but could be disastrous to mechanical or structural equipment that may have been neglected since last winter. Many business and industrial sites deal with problems or issues as they arise, and, while this might seem like the only way it should be done, there are ways to try and prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Since we are heading into the roughest season of the year in some Nov. Blog Image 2015parts of the country, now is the ideal time to consider predictive maintenance techniques. Even if the temperatures in your area stay moderate for most of the year, it is still a good time of year to focus on maintenance and repairs.

Predictive maintenance (PdM) is used to determine the condition of equipment and predict when certain maintenance procedures should be performed. For most of us, we already do something like this with our cars: manufacturers know the working life of parts such as timing belts and will issue a guideline on when the belt should be replaced to avoid serious issues if the belt were to break. The OEM is predicting how long the belt will work so that preventative maintenance (PM) can be performed before disaster strikes.

PdM and PM techniques may seem like a waste of time, but creating a timeline and schedule for equipment review and repair will keep systems in industrial sites in good condition year round. During routine maintenance larger problems may be discovered that require outside resources to fix. At Base Construction, our experience and expertise in process piping, concrete, and structural steel for industrial manufacturing operations allows us to take on many different kinds of projects.

With a team of skilled engineers we can help you with reviewing Nov. Blog Image 2 2015systems and processes to make sure equipment stays in good condition. If PdM and PM find a problem, Base Construction offers important services and capabilities to help you make repairs. These include:

• Pipe fabrication and installation of process piping in the manufacturing industry.
• Insulation and heat tracing.
• Concrete foundation and slab evaluation, design, and installation for mechanical systems
• Structural steel fabrication and installation services
• Turnkey projects for new and expanding industrial operations
• Mechanical equipment setting

This is the ideal time to perform end of year reviews and repairs to prevent downtime and future problems. Contact us today to learn more about end of year maintenance and repairs.

Base Construction is Working Behind the Scenes in SoCal Industrial Plants

Oil companies, packaging manufacturers, and industrial companies are among the clients Base Construction is currently providing a variety of construction-related services to. Although we cannot reveal our clients, we can tell you that we’ve been behind the scenes in industrial plants to help support the operations of industries of all types.

Here is a sampling of Base Construction’s recent projects, showing some of what we’re currently working on at SoCal industrial plants:

Installation of industrial conveyors and manufacturing equipment
Base Construction installs conveyors, machinery and manufacturing  equipment of all types at industrial plants throughout Southern California. We’re currently working with a manufacturer of transmission oil and bottled motor oil, making sure conveyors on the packaging lines and other machinery and equipment in the industrial plant are installed properly. What we’re doing is helping to keep operations moving forward smoothly!

Services Offered Oct. Blog Image 1

Remodeling restrooms in industrial plants
While restrooms are not often talked about, they do play a role in industrial plants and most businesses. What needs to be done? At Base Construction, we know how to properly remodel existing restrooms and how to build new restrooms in industrial plants to meet Southern California’s building codes and safety requirements. We even have a specialized crew dedicated to restroom remodeling and restroom construction in industrial plants.

Services Offered Oct. Blog Image 4

Construction of offices within industrial plants and warehouses.
Need office space within your industrial plant or warehouse? Base Construction builds offices within industrial plants. With offices on
site managers, supervisors and key personnel can conduct business and tend to their daily office tasks close to manufacturing operations. Ask us about the office space Base Construction has built at industrial plants throughout Southern California.

Services Offered Oct. Blog Image 2

Base Construction is an industrial contractor for all types of industrial projects. We’d be happy to tell you more about everything we do. Check out our website to learn more about us and about the services we offer. Or give us a call at 949-387-3471. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Base Construction Offers Generator Installation Services and More to Industrial Facilities and Co-Gen Operations in Southern California

Industries of all types rely on energy to power their operations: Food and beverage, aerospace, waste-water treatment, recycling, the energy operations themselves – the list goes on and on. But, times are changing, and changing very rapidly for the energy industry. New EPA requirements need to be up to date by the year Base Construction Generator Installation Image 12020. This deadline for compliance with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will dramatically transform the energy landscape in the U.S.

“Clean power” plays an important role in the manufacturing industries’ efforts to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly; however, these efforts will take some time to plan and construct. One recent news report says, “A vastly changed power generation mix will be the result of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases from existing power plants, but industry and utilities will need more time to build it…” While utilities and industrial plants revise and retrofit their operations to meet EPA requirements, many will be installing generators, and other heavy equipment, onsite, at their facilities.

Base Construction installs generators, industrial equipment, and machinery at all types of industrial plants. This includes the “heavy” industry plants, such as chemical plants, energy plants (co-generation, geothermal and solar), food & beverage, recycling, aerospace, and more. We specialize in handling all phases of industrial projects, including design, fabrication, and installation at industrial plants in Southern California.

Getting back to the specifics, whether it’s heat, steam, or electricity that is powering a plant and keeping production Large Diesel generatorlines moving, industrial operations rely on generators. Many operations today, in all kinds of industries, are co-gen (cogeneration) plants, where energy that used to be “wasted” and possibly emitted into the atmosphere is now put to good use on site. For instance, this “secondary” energy that is generated is heat or steam that can be used to warm up water or other fluids in a production line. The popularity of co-gen systems is attributed to the overall cost savings and the “environmental friendliness” of these types of operations. The cost savings include government incentives offered to industrial operations with co-gen operations.

We’d be happy to tell you more about the advantages of co-gen operations, and if you’re in Southern California, we can show you the advantages of working with Base Construction to install generators and other industrial equipment at your facilities. Visit our website or give us a call at 949-387-3471.

Large-Scale Industrial Construction Projects in California Need Concrete Foundations and Concrete Slabs

All indications and reports are showing that California’s commercial and industrial construction activity is continuing to grow, rising to Base Construction Pipe Image 2levels the state hasn’t seen in almost 15 years. Earlier this year, one report from research firm CMD cited 10 of the largest upcoming California construction projects, including industrial projects, government buildings, sports and entertainment complexes, medical buildings, office buildings, educational buildings, and other large-scale construction projects. Some of the construction projects on the list are located in Southern California, while others are scattered throughout the state. Any way you look at it, the state is buzzing with construction activity, and all of these construction projects need concrete foundations and concrete slabs!

A few months ago, an ENRCalifornia construction activity report said, “The commercial, public transit and health care sectors top the annual ranking of large-scale projects to begin construction in California.” The same report also cited large-scale constructions projects in Southern California saying, “In Southern California, work proceeds rapidly on the $1-billion Metropolis mixed-use development in downtown Los Angeles, which includes a 19-story hotel and three residential towers between 38 and 54 stories,” and, “Metro in Los Angeles has two transit projects in the top five starts, together worth nearly $3.5 billion. A pair of terminal upgrades at Los Angeles International Airport totals nearly $1 billion, and more work lies ahead for the facility…” And don’t forget about the construction of the 70,000-seat NFL stadium in Carson!Base Construction Recent Project Image 1

Another report revealed that commercial and industrial construction activity in California is more active than it’s been in more than a decade. The survey reported, “During the second half of last year, the average value of newly issued permits for nonresidential construction—adjusted for inflation—was at its highest level since 2001.” All of these construction projects, whether we’re talking about stadiums, airports, industrial complexes, or any other facilities, require solid concrete foundations and concrete slabs, and that’s where we fit in.

Base Construction is all about foundations and slabs (plus a whole lot more) including all types of industrial contracting and industrial projects. Process piping, structural steel fabrication, installation, and mechanical equipment projects are among the many projects we design and manage.

So, let’s talk more about the topic of concrete foundations and concrete slabs: At Base Construction, we use professional engineers (PE) to design all of our concrete projects. Then we do what is needed – saw cut, core drill, excavate, form, install rebar and pour proper-strength concrete – to do the job right. Additionally, we’ll evaluate an existing concrete foundation and determine if it needs Base Construction Recent Project Image 2some fixing to add more strength and to extend its life in order to save any unnecessary excavation and cost.

In addition to constructing concrete foundations, we set industrial equipment and machinery, furnaces and more in concrete or on concrete slabs; providing solid concrete bases to stand on. That’s not all! We also handle concrete demolition and excavation, working with engineers to ensure that demo is done safely and properly.

Since 1998, Base Construction has completed hundreds of concrete foundation and concrete slab projects. Visit our website for a complete list of the concrete services we offer and to see photos of some of the large-scale projects we’ve recently completed in Southern California. Or, if you have any questions about our services and capabilities, give us a call at 949-387-3471.

As Construction Grows, the Country’s Economy Follows

Pipe ImageConstruction is an industry whose impact is wide and far-reaching. Every home and office in which we live and work, every road on which we drive, every time we visit a theater, museum, school, mall, or restaurant, we are actively enjoying the hard work of the construction industry.

But that’s not all. Construction of all kinds, all sizes, has a massive impact on our economy – and when construction grows, our economy is significantly and positively impacted.

In fact, this article, which notes that the crane market is “rocking” and that construction “has seen a sizeable increase” recently, states that “good news for the construction industry is good news for the U.S. economy as a whole.”

When construction projects—whether residential or commercial—increase, money is poured back into many aspects of our society. More equipment is purchased, more people are hired, more homes and buildings are bought, leased, and occupied. In more ways than most people can imagine, construction sends large amounts of money back into the economy, and everyone wins.

In this article in Construction Global, it’s stated that from “high rises to highways and every commercial project in between, large-scale construction is seeing a resurgence” all across the country. This means that throughout the U.S., the economy will continue to see a major uptick, thanks to this far-reaching, tireless industry.

Of course, the impact is felt on all levels, throughout all areas. The benefits don’t just come from major projects in the country’s biggest cities, but from projects of all sizes in small towns and large metro hubs alike.

In Shreveport, LA, for instance, construction projects are “leading the way when it comes to the greatest impact on the local economy,” with an approximate 70% of increased construction activity pumping money into the area, according to this Shreveport newspaper article.

The fact is construction is an industry filled with hard-working Base Construction logopeople whose work affects everyday lives, and our country on the whole. At Base Construction, we’re very proud to be a part of it, and look forward to continuing to make our industry’s impacts seen and heard.

Save the Date: June is National Safety Month

Whether at work or at home, on the highway or at the job site, safety is always, and should always be number one. When it comes to construction work, quality without safety is not really quality.

That’s why we at Base Construction encourage everyone to make safety a priority, and join us in celebrating National Safety Month this June. Sponsored by the National Safety Council, National Safety Month is an annual spotlight on an array of safety-related topics, and, “focuses on reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road, and in our homes and communities.”

National Safety Month ImageEvery injury and/or fatality is one too many when it comes to the construction industry. Tragically, according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), out of the 3,929 worker fatalities in 2013, 796 were in construction. That equates to one in five worker deaths. Falls were the leading cause of death, equaling almost 37% of all construction fatalities.

We must all do our part to eliminate these tragedies and keep workers safe. This means educating workers and management about safety, and spreading the message of National Safety Month, while continuing its efforts throughout the year.

At Base Construction, we take this extremely seriously. We believe Base Construction Worker Imagethat a job is only done well if it is done safely, and as a result, we have an unmatched safety record. In fact, we have developed a comprehensive Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) that includes weekly and monthly meetings for all employees, and we are constantly updating all of our safety procedures. Additionally, we perform required daily safety meetings on all shut-downs and long shift projects, and we make safe working practices our top priority.

Following all OSHA and CAL-OSHA guidelines, in addition to many supplemental practices, including incentives for safe practices, we have an unwavering commitment to providing our workers with the safest environment possible. We also offer our customers assistance in Process Safety Management (PSM) and Job Safety Assessment (JSA) programs, helping them bring our commitment to safety to their workplaces. In short, safety is part of everything we do.

This June, take the time to make all aspects of your life safer for everyone, and then keep the focus going every month thereafter. The benefits are immeasurable, and the rewards are infinite.