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Safety Series Part I: Safety Guard Standards

At Base Construction, we treat safety seriously, taking action to protect the well-being of all of those involved in industrial field projects. In hopes that our actions will motivate other industry members to follow suit, we are presenting a 3-part series on safety practices that our Southern California company implements.

Today we’re delving into the importance of safety guards for rotating equipment.

What are Safety Guards?

Guards are on-site safety protectors that shield those working with rotating equipment from potential hazards. The benefit is that they do so without compromising quality or efficiency of a working system. We use top-quality, well-designed guards meant for strength and durability for the best protection possible of our workers. Although choosing quality equipment does increase certain expenses, the end result is worth the cost. In our industry, we can’t put a price on coworker safety.

Types of Guards for Safety Standards

Guards are of two kinds, fixed or moveable. Tests are done to determine which part is suitable for an individual machine. A fixed guard isolates the worker from possible danger through a barrier. This keeps the user out of any potential hazard zones. If users need to moderately or occasionally access the hazard zone, moveable guards are the better choice. If zone access is more frequent, specialized safety devices are advisable.

Care and caution must be taken to position any/all types of guards far enough away from danger to eliminate any chance of someone entering the hazard zone. Another step is to ensure guards are secured by proper fasteners and only removable with specialized tools to prevent detachment without authorization.

Creating Safe Work Conditions

At Base Construction we train all employees to comply with the highest safety standards and adhere to our internal Injury and Illness Prevention Program. We also follow the standards set by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Cal/OSHA. The result is superior safety records at our facility.

Regulations You can Find at Base

  1. OSHA’s General Regulatory Guard Requirements * Found under 1910 Subpart O – Machinery and Machine Guarding
  2. ANSI’s B11 Machine Guarding Standards

On-Site Industrial Safety

Base Construction operates under the safety philosophy that a job is only done well when carried out safely, without accidents or narrowly avoided issues. We choose top-of-the-line guards for rotating equipment applications to protect workers on industrial projects that range from process piping to structural steel fabrication.

For unmatched industrial contractor services for any industry, contact us today. Also, be sure to follow our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest industry developments. For more information on safety take a look at our June blog and keep an eye out for part II of our safety series.

Base Construction’s Contribution to the Aerospace Industry

At Base Construction, Inc. we have been in business for almost 20 years, working for a variety of industries, including aerospace. We take pride in what we do and offer our customers the highest in craftsmanship, safety, and quality.

Our team has helped more than 10 Aerospace companies on their Engineering and Construction needs for process piping projects. Our process piping capabilities cover everything from pipe installation, routing design and implementation, to pipe support design and installation. We offer everything from selection of valves (manual and control) to P&ID development and implementation to pipe testing. We also paint and label, insulate, and heat trace. Depending on the project specifications, we use a variety of materials, connection types, and valves.

And how do we connect to such great companies? Many of our connections to Aerospace clients link back to previous customers now working for those Aerospace companies. Knowing we are a reliable industrial contractor based on prior experience, our name was at the top of the list for industrial contractors to work with. We don’t take these recommendations lightly. At Base Construction, we believe our customer loyalty comes from not only our company’s capabilities, but our desire to deliver the highest level of workmanship and quality, our continued commitment to safety, and to our long list of successful projects.

We have worked with companies large and small, from Phillips 66 terminal in Los Angeles, CA to  GIULIANO’S BAKERY in Carson, CA, and many projects and companies in between. Our list of happy customers remains long, and we take pride in each and every job we do. Regardless of size, we do it to specifications and do it right the first time. To stay up to date in the industry and connected to Base Construction, don’t forget to follow our blog, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Cheers to Construction in 2017!

With the new year upon us, the team at Base Construction has been reflecting on 2016’s accomplishments while making our New Year’s resolutions and looking ahead toward what is sure to be an exciting, productive 2017.

We had a lot to be thankful for this past year, as we were kept very busy working on a number of large-scale piping and construction projects for a wide range of industries. We were honored to be called upon yet again to work with UTC, SONOCO, Alcoa, PTG, BE Aerospace, 3M, and Karma Automotive and many others. We also constructed all parts of a co-generation power plant for Golden Road Brewery. This included the installation of water heater heat exchanger on top of the exhaust to ensure that every BTU would be used.

The Base Construction team also had the opportunity to work on various industry-leading green initiatives focused on reducing the amount of power required to run particular systems, as well as capturing waste to redirect that energy.

In looking ahead to the New Year, we will continue to focus on ways to improve our unmatched safety initiatives while keeping downtime to a minimum. In addition to continuing our weekly and monthly safety meetings — as well as daily meetings on all shutdowns and long shift projects — we will also be reevaluating our comprehensive Injury and Illness Prevention Program to ensure optimal worker health and safety.

In 2017, we’ll be taking on new large-scale industrial projects in various areas, including:

  • Process piping
  • Concrete and slab
  • Structural steel fabrication and installation
  • Turnkey projects

And finally, in the spirit of continual improvement, the team at Base Construction will also be looking for new ways in which to better service our customers. Working off-shifts and holidays to meet production schedules, we take pride in ensuring that our customers receive only the best.

To that end, we would like to thank all of our wonderful clients for helping us grow, and we can’t wait to see the new challenges you bring to us in 2017. As always, if there are any ways in which we can better serve you in the New Year, reach out to us at any time or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest updates!

Protecting Process Piping in Winter’s Coldest Months

Process Piping ImageProcess piping is an important part of many manufacturing operations. Almost all industries require piping, in one form or another, to convey material used in the manufacturing process. In winter months, the cold temperatures can have an adverse effect on piping systems and the materials they transport. There are a few of ways to prevent changing temperatures from effecting the manufacturing operation.

Just as we insulate walls to keep heat in, the same can be done for piping. Insulating a piping system prevents materials from losing heat which helps maintain temperature control of the entire process. Accurate temperature control is critical in certain applications like food processing. Pipe insulation also conserves energy by reducing heat loss.

Used in conjunction with insulation, heat tracing offers another way to keep process piping from being impacted by cold temperatures. Heat tracing (adding heating elements to the outside of the piping, under the insulation or used alone) is most often used in applications where too much heat loss would severely impact the process operation. Another circumstance would be when the material solidifies at ambient temperatures.

In many industrial operations steam tracing is common. The steam goes around copper tubing and is covered with insulating material to maintain temperatures in a proper manor. When steam is unavailable or unwanted in an application, electrical tape is a viable option for heat tracing. When used alone, electrical tape has the added benefit of heating the ambient temperature and keeping the surrounding environment warm.

Pipe insulation and heat tracing are necessary additions to piping systems that would be impacted by temperature change due to cold weather. At Base Construction, we have the capabilities to provide high-quality electrical and steam heat tracing and pipe insulation to meet any industry requirement. Our ability to take on challenging and diversified projects enables us to deliver effective solutions for all types of process piping system fabrication and installation.

Contact Base Construction today or visit our website to learn more about our process piping capabilities and view examples of our past projects.

Recapping the Past Year in Blogs

Our blog has been a great way to “talk” to our customers about what’s going on in the industry and with our company in general. We have been able to go into more depth regarding projects we are proud of and services we offer.

Over the past year we have shown you a sample of some of our recent industrial projects, our involvement with generator installation and energy, the importance of safety awareness, energy conservation, and working with the aerospace industry. This is really just a sampling of our capabilities. Customers can rely on Base Construction for many types of projects since we employ high-quality craftsmen in all construction disciplines.

Our capabilities are so varied that clients are often unaware of all the things we can do. In this past year we have completed many different kinds of projects within industrial plants that highlight our wide-ranging capabilities. Base Construction has taken on:

• Remodeling: Even in industrial plants office areas and restrooms need updating at some time. Restrooms, for example, are key areas that must be in good working order and up to standards and regulations. Because this ‘industrial remodeling’ is more common than you might think, we have a crew dedicated to handling bathroom remodeling and restroom construction, as well as office construction experience, for industrial facilities.
• Underground repair work: Our capabilities run deep, as is the case when pipes need repair. We were called in to find and repair a water line that was leaking at an aerospace facility. The leak was difficult to find but we went to great lengths to fix the problem.
• Temporary heating/cooling systems: The heat wave this summer left many Southern Californian companies struggling. In one instance we had to add a temporary cooling tower to regulate temperatures within the facility. We took on the engineering and the calculations and completed the job in 2 days. In another case we engineered a hood to remove excessive heat from around a customer’s oven/furnaces so that the employees could work in a more comfortable environment.

The goal for all of us at Base Construction is to exceed the needs of our customers. Because we are willing to go outside of our comfort zone, our abilities extend far beyond what we list as general capabilities. And, we are continuing to expand as we add more mechanical, structural, and chemical engineering staff to expand our efforts even further.

This past year kept us challenged in the broad scope of the projects we took on. We look forward to continuing to expand our experiences in 2016 to improve the industrial manufacturing sector project by project.

As a contractor in all areas of construction contact us to learn how Base Construction can help on your next project.

Happy holidays from the Base Construction crew!

Meeting Out of this World Piping Project Needs

Process Piping ImageOne industry that we largely focus on at Base Construction is the aerospace industry. Multi-billion dollar companies have revolutionized the aerospace industry in recent years, and we are proud to be part of this advancement.

So what does this have to do with us? When a company finds itself in need of a customized, one of a kind superior air handler unit, often times, they come to us. Such companies find it important to use a source that is, not only experienced, but trusted and highly capable.

Today, we are currently in the process of designing and building a very custom skid that not only handles pumps, tanks, filters, and heater, but a tower and high elevation platform. This includes: handling the structural and mechanical engineering of the project, and building a customized skid that can be disassemble and relocated easily. Following that, we will handle all of the process piping for the project. We are extremely excited to know our role in aerospace industry will be affective.

We design and build projects and products every day that deal with compressed air, vacuum piping, and process piping, taking care of all of the mechanical and structural engineering for a variety of clients in all kinds of industries.

We can handle all aspects of pipe Aerospace Piping Imagefabrication and installation, from initial material selection through implementation, testing, insulation – and everything in between.

If you are in need of a turnkey project with air handler, compressed air, air handler, vacuum piping, and/or process piping, you can rest assured we’ll give you the same attention and quality we’re giving to our current clients. Bottom line, our priority for every project is a completely satisfied customer.

Contractors and Manufacturers in the Aerospace Industry Get Set for More Production with Process Piping in a More ‘Green Environment’

air traffic control

These days, like other industries in the manufacturing sector, the aerospace and aviation industries are taking off. Manufacturing production related to aerospace and aviation is on the rise, too. In the news, we’re hearing about aircraft back orders, increased production needs related to aerospace equipment, and so much more. Overall, the U.S. economy and the manufacturing sector will continue to grow well into the future as we recover from recession, according to recent data that shows rising numbers for all key indicators.

We’re ready to do our part in the manufacturing and industry take-off! At Base Construction, we have experience working with manufacturers and other contractors who have projects and clients who are either directly or indirectly involved in the aerospace industry. We design and build process piping systems. We set furnaces and all types of equipment for all types of industries, including aerospace industry components.

In fact, we recently worked with a company that needed compressed air and compressed nitrogen, and we did the piping for them. Specifically, they needed argon line compressed air and a deionized (DI) water line, which we readily provided. This specific manufacturer, involved in the aerospace industry, also needed P&ID – piping and instrumentation drawing services. Process piping design is our specialty at Base Construction, including piping layout, routing creation, revision and installation.

At the same time as they’re ramping up production, many manufacturers are also striving to be “more green” at their facilities right now. But some manufacturers are finding the process of “going green” to be a little overwhelming, according to “Is It Time to Go Green…,” a recent article on

We think “going green” should NOT be a stressful process. In fact, we know it doesn’t have to be stressful because we’ve done it before. Our advice: You need to tap into the experience and know-how of an industrial contractor who has helped other manufacturers be “more green.” (If you’re feeling “overwhelmed” at all, we’d be happy to talk with you about how, as an industrial contractor, we’ve helped many of our clients get set for more production and to also establish a “more green” environment at their facilities.)

One way to be “more green” is to install equipment that focuses on more natural processes to adhere to environmental regulations. We’ve done this type of work for our clients, installing equipment with sustainability and environmental friendliness in mind. For instance, a recent example of this would be our work with an aerospace company that needed a chemical processing piping system. The process piping system included an oil separator to prevent water and oil from getting mixed. We installed the equipment to lean the water to separate it, and this has contributed to the “green environment” at the company’s facilities and save them money by not having to dispose additional waste!.

One more note about “green manufacturing,” since we’re on the topic: Energy recovery is also a helpful, environmentally friendly step some manufacturers are investing in now – but others are overlooking this opportunity. Through energy recovery, manufacturers are being more green within their operations, and they’re also saving on operations costs. Here’s how this works: Manufacturers recover energy by installing new equipment that recovers heat from hot water that would normally evaporate and be wasted. The energy is captured by the equipment, and then it’s used to run other equipment within their operations and/or preheat process help them save energy!

Whether we do the energy-recovery equipment installation ourselves, or as subcontractors working with our clients, at Base Construction, we’re happy to see business and industry in the manufacturing sector “taking off” – and also being “more green”!